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New Ground 169

November — December, 2016

The 2016 Presidential Election: Voting and Political World Views by Bill Barclay

The winner of the 2016 presidential election is going home; the loser is going to the White House. Yes, that’s right: Clinton received more votes than Trump. We have to insist on this reality.

CDSA’s Anti-TPP Campaign by Tom Broderick

Over the summer, we gathered signatures at various farmers’ markets and events like The People’s Summit at McCormick Place. A vast majority of the cards were signed by folk from the Chicago area. As the gathering process tapered off, several comrades made appointments to drop the cards at the various legislative offices in the area. With each delivery of cards, we included a sheet of quotes stating opposition to the TPP from groups as varied as the CATO Institute and Physicians Without Borders.

The Emancipation of Cecily McMillan

This interview explores the intersection of the personal and the political. In particular, McMillan describes growing up in an isolated rural Texas town, her dawning awareness of a larger world that leads to a continuing reassessment of her sense of identity. McMillan and Armitage discuss the Walker protests and Occupy Wall Street: It’s good, bad, and inadequate aspects.

Night of the Living Trumps by Bob Roman

I missed the slow agony of election night, having gone to bed early, but arose in the wee hours from an uneasy sleep. Coffee! And the first thing I hear from the nattering pundits on the BBC is, “President Trump.” Say again? They did. It was a deep dismay yet not much of a surprise. After all, the Cubs had won the World Series. Clearly it was a very… seriously… cold season in Hell and demons are loose upon the land.

DSA in the News compiled by Bob Roman

 DSA News compiled by Bob Roman

 Membership Grew Fast, Still Growing by David Duhalde

Today, the Democratic Socialists of America is approximately a third larger in both membership size and the number of community and college chapters than at the start of the Sanders presidential campaign. His candidacy and DSA members’ strong support work both remade the organization. However, new staff and continuing outreach are also playing a real and sustainable role in this growth.

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