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New Ground 170

January — February, 2017

Everyone Is Joining the Resistance by Bob Roman

Everyone is joining the resistance to the Trump agenda, whatever that may be, for we all fear the worst and anything less than that is still pretty bad. Everyone is joining, including what passes for the Democratic Party in Chicago’s 48th Ward, where U.S. Representative Jan Schakowsky held her “Anger to Action” community forum on Saturday, January 7. All the local politicians were on the program: 48th Ward Alderman Harry Osterman, State Representative Kelly Cassidy, State Senator Heather Steans, and Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky. Appropriately, 48th Ward Committeewoman Carol Ronen served as the master of ceremonies.

A First Step Towards a Peace Process

Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) commends the UN Security Council vote of 14-0-1 in favor of Resolution 2334 on December 23, 2016, a resolution that condemns all Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem as having “no legal validity” and amounting to a “flagrant violation of international law.” We wish that the United States government had voted in favor of the resolution, but we note that the U.S.’s abstention enabled the first Security Council condemnation of the illegal Israeli occupation of the West Bank since 1980.

The Arresting Harry Partch by Tom Broderick

While hanging out at the home of Peg Strobel and Bill Barclay some months back, Peg said something about passing by a music room during her college days and hearing strange sounds. She stopped in and found out that someone named Harry Partch was working on his musical compositions on weird looking musical instruments.

DSA in the News compiled by Bob Roman

DSA conspires and agitates against Trumpism! Hands off our Medicare! John Lewis vs Donald Trump! DSA makes the lists! And More!

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New Ground 170.1 — 02.02.2017

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Anti-Inaugural Chicago
Women’s March on Chicago
Introduction to Democratic Socialism
Immigrant Ban Protests by Chelsea Anderson
DSA in the News compiled by Bob Roman

1. Politics

Anti-Inaugural Address for Daley Plaza by Alec Hudson
Demonstrations! Who Need ‘Em?
A Welcoming Illinois
Know Your Rights
Poisoned at the Roots
A Left Vision for Trade

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Sue Purrington

3. Democratic Socialism

Every Part of Us Has Parts
War on Workers
Why Are There No Capitalist Holidays? by Aaron Armitage

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New Ground 170.2 — 02.14.2017

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West Suburban Illinois DSA by Sam Miemczewski
DSA in the News by Bob Roman
Chicago DSA Facebook Group
(Political) Education Summit
No Ban! No Wall! DSA Builds Activist Response to Trump’s Actions

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Be the Change Congress Needs by Tom Broderick
History Has Been Hacked
This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Protest Chicago by Jodie Eason

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New Ground 170.3 — 02.28.2017

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After the Ellison Defeat
Planned Inequality

Northside Chicago Branch by Bob Roman
DSA in the News by Bob Roman

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The U.S. Economy in 2016
It’s Only a Law, Unless…
Rauner & the Legacy of PATCO
The Alabamafication of America

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I Am Not Your Negro

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Socialism and Apple Pie

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New Ground 170.4 — 03.15.2017

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Upcoming at DSA
DSA in the News compiled by Bob Roman
The Bowletariats! by Caroline Reid
Igniting the Socialist Resistance Against Trump
Socialist International

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Raise the Minimum Wage
Keep Illinois Working
Trump’s War on Dissent

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No Easy Answers

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