A. Philip Randolph and Norman Thomas


New Ground 171

March — April, 2017

Debs — Thomas — Harrington Dinner by Bob Roman

The 2017 Eugene V. Debs – Norman Thomas – Michael Harrington Dinner will be held Friday, May 19, at the Crowne Plaza Chicago West Loop, Madison & Halsted, on Chicago’s near west side. This will be the 59th annual dinner. We have a great evening lined up, and you are invited to attend!

Wage Theft Must End by Tom Broderick

From 2013 through 2016, the Chicago City Council enacted three new employment laws. In 2013, the Wage Theft Ordinance was passed. The Minimum Wage Ordinance was passed in 2015 and in 2016, the Council enacted the Paid Sick Leave Ordinance. Who is minding the store on this legislation?

Chicago DSA v. 3.0 by Bob Roman

You have probably heard that DSA has tripled its membership since the November election, reaching 19,000. The same is true for Chicago. Last year at this time, membership was at 250. Now, in the Chicago metropolitan area, it’s over 750. Even within Chicago DSA’s redefined borders, membership is just less than 600. These are not huge numbers, but they are record highs. Moreover, this growth has been matched by a notable increase in people willing and downright eager to take responsibility. This is manifest in the proliferation of DSA chapters across the nation; we’re very nearly a 50 state organization now. In Illinois, we have a West Suburban Illinois chapter, and organizing committees in the Quad Cities, Northern Illinois and Champaign – Urbana. In Chicago DSA, we now have three branches: Greater Oak Park, Northside Chicago and Southside Chicago.

Save the Date! by Bob Reilly

Chicago DSA’s workshop, “Introduction to Democratic Socialism,” will come to south suburban Homewood on Sunday, May 7, 2017. The workshop starts at 1:30 p.m. at Homewood Public Library, 17917 Dixie Highway. New DSA members, young people and anyone interested in a fair and prosperous society are encouraged to attend. Homewood Public Library is easily accessible by the Metra Electric passenger rail line. For directions and more information, contact Bob Reilly at reillylaw319@gmail.com.

DSA in the News compiled by Bob Roman

DSA’s growth is still a major theme in media coverage, making us the organizational equivalent of a celebrity famous for being famous. But that growth is also being used by pundits as supporting evidence for various arguments, and it’s resulting in media coverage for a wide variety of local DSA actions. These are instances where, in the past, our involvement (as instigators, participants or just bystanders) may not have been considered newsworthy. Over 5 dozen links in this latest report.

Boycott the Braids — “Talkin’ Socialism” Episode 73

Recorded 03.10.2017. The Coalition of Immokalee Workers’ (CIW) Fair Food Program in the tomato fields of Florida has eliminated modern-day slavery and sexual violence, improved farmworker wages and guaranteed basic protections for tens of thousands of workers. In this episode, Tom Broderick interviews Lupe Gonzalo, member and leader of CIW about how the Fair Food Program works, how it has benefited the workers in the field, the history of CIW, and just why CIW is leading a boycott of Wendy’s. Translation is provided by Yaissy Solis, national co-coordinator for the Student/Farmworker Alliance, a national network of students and youth working in partnership with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers.

The Bowletariats by Caroline Reid

The Socialist Feminist Working Group is raising funds for women who seek abortions but need financial help. This is an annual event we do through Abortion Bowl-A-Thon fundraisers around the country in April. This is a great way for chapters to have a fun social event while helping raise money for the Chicago Abortion Fund (CAF). CAF is under the National Network for Abortion Funds whose mission is to “remove financial and logistical barriers to abortion access by centering people who have abortions and organizing at the intersections of racial, economic, and reproductive justice,” which aligns with our values at DSA of reproductive justice. MORE INFORMATION.

Eugene V. Debs Graphic Bio

Paul Buhle, retired Brown University historian, author, and editor of a series of graphic non-fiction works including Red Rosa (the Rosa Luxemburg story), has teamed up with a rising young star of the alternative comic world, Noah Van Sciver, to present the great story of Debs, as well as of Norman Thomas and Michael Harrington, to a new audience young and old. MORE INFORMATION.

Defeat ‘Repeal and Replace’: Move Towards ‘Medicare for All’ by DSA National Political Committee

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New Ground 171.1 — 04.17.2017

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DSA in the News compiled by Bob Roman
DSA Condemns the Bombing of Afghanistan
DSA Chapters Raise Money for Abortion Funds

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Replace NAFTA by Tom Broderick
Remembering Harold Washington

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New Ground 171.2 — 05.03.2017

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DSA in the News compiled by Bob Roman
Beyond Resistance: A Way Forward
Introduction to Democratic Socialism
A Chicago DSA May Day
The Bowletariats
Uniting to Build a Socialist Feminist Movement

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Beyond the “L”

2. Democratic Socialism

May Day 2017: Born in the U.S.A.

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New Ground 171.3 — 05.15.2017

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DSA in the News compiled by Bob Roman
Trumpcare Must Not Pass the Senate
Labor 101
Democratic Socialism 101
Q&A with Will Guzzardi
Canvassing for an Elected School Board

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Confront McDonald’s!
The Forgotten Story of the Radium Girls

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