Another Rotten Cover-Up

At The Chicago Reporter, Curtis Black outlines what is known about the Chicago Police Department attempt to conceal the execution of Laquan McDonald. Black quotes Jamie Kalven of The Invisible Institute:

“The real issue here is, this terrible thing happened, how did our governmental institutions respond?” Kalven said.  “And from everything we’ve learned, compulsively at every level, from the cops on the scene to the highest levels of government, they responded by circling the wagons and by fabricating a narrative that they knew was completely false.”  To him this response is “part of a systemic problem” and preserves “the underlying conditions that allow abuse and shield abuse.”


Trans Pacific Partnership

Public Citizen has published an initial analysis of the key chapters of the proposed “free trade” agreement. It’s worse than we thought. Read about it HERE. (PDF)

Violence Against Women’s Rights

At Mother Jones, Nina Liss-Schultz writes:

Since the release of the Center for Medical Progress’ videos that purport to show Planned Parenthood selling fetal issue, harassment, threats, and attacks against abortion providers, their staff, and facilities have surged dramatically across the country, according to new numbers from the National Abortion Federation.


Mergers and Alliance

National People’s Action, Alliance for a Just Society, and USAction are merging to form a new umbrella organization for consumer, community, and worker center organizations: People’s Action. Your editor doesn’t have any special insight as to the timing or the rationale for the union; the news was included in an email invitation to a reception, a form of bait perhaps. The three organizations already have some overlap in membership. Here in Illinois, Chicago DSA is a member of Citizen Action/Illinois, which is affiliated with USAction. Chicago DSA has a long history with Citizen Action/Illinois, back to when it was called the Illinois Public Action Council. They’re good people, even if we sometimes disagree.

Also in the works is an alliance between eight Chicago-area worker centers, the Raise the Floor Alliance:

Both a shared capacity builder and space for collective action, RTF represents the next step in the worker center movement. Founding members include Arise Chicago, Centro de Trabajadores Unidos, Chicago Community & Workers Rights, Chicago Workers Collaborative, Latino Union of Chicago, Restaurant Opportunities Center, Warehouse Workers for Justice and Workers’ Center for Racial Justice.

They’re celebrating the launching of this project on December 9 at the National Mexican Museum of Art. You can get the details HERE.


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