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Tabling for Sanders
DSA members have been active circulating petitions to get delegates committed to Bernie Sanders on the Democratic primary ballot, particularly in the 7th Congressional District where folks from GOPDSA have been particularly active. On December 13, they organized a table at a west-side Chicago flea market. The table was staffed by DSA members from across the Chicago area. For more photos, CLICK HERE.

Fighting Back Against the Rising Tide of Nativist and Racist Reaction
Adopted by the DSA National Political Committee on December 1, the statement begins:

The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) call on all progressives across the United States to join together in a broad coalition against the rising tide of racist and nativist politics in the United States. The nativist fear-mongering by one Democratic and 27 Republican governors about the alleged threat posed to U.S. residents by Syrian refugees (themselves often fleeing ISIL violence) and undocumented immigrants obscures the true violent threat to our collective security: nativist, racist and misogynist terrorism.


Solidarity with the Muslim Community
A statement by the YDS Coordinating Committee, adopted December, 2015, begins:

History has shown us that fear-mongering and hatred towards certain minority groups is nothing new when it comes to political elections. Various societies over different periods of time have shown this to be true. A notable example is the hatred directed towards the Jewish community by the Nazis in Germany. Unfortunately, this year has proven that fear-mongering tactics are not for the history books but something we, as Democratic Socialists, need to fight in our current political climate.


DSA in the News

At the Wall Street Journal (page 1!), Peter Nicholas wrote about the DSA National Convention, including quotes from several members, including Chicago DSA member Julie Allison. Peter Nicholas also posted a Wall Street Journal blog entry about Bernie Sanders, DSA, and democratic socialism, including a video that summarizes the entry. It being The Wall Street Journal, after all, the articles (particularly the video) were picked up by multiple sites.

Joseph Schwartz discussed the role of socialism in mainstream U.S. politics, including the Sanders campaign, and mentioned DSA in passing at In These Times.

At The Nation, Liza Featherstone recommends the Young Democratic Socialists as one of several possible cures for the violent.

Coverage at Hot Indie News of a Dump Trump / Refugees Welcome demonstration included a photo of the DSA contingent.


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