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compiled by Bob Roman

City Branch

Some time ago, Alec Hudson came to the Executive Committee with an idea of organizing a CDSA branch for the northside of Chicago. Due to Hudson’s impossible work schedule, it remained nothing more than a Facebook page for many months. With a new job and help from some new DSA members, the idea expanded to organizing a City branch. An initial meeting in December brought together 9 interested members, mostly new and mostly young, to brainstorm possibilities. A second meeting is planned for January 13 at the Harold Washington Library. For more information, go to www.facebook.com/City-of-Chicago-Democratic-Socialists-of-America-1552834828264784/. For those not on the web, give the office a call at 773.384.0327.

Incidentally, if you’d like to organize a CDSA branch, this is a good time to do it. Branches don’t need to be geographic in nature under our constitution. They can also be formed around a common interest or an institution. Established YDS chapters also have automatic recognition as a CDSA branch.

Talkin’ Socialism

Episode 59Reproductive Justice, recorded December 12, 2015. Chicago DSA’s Peg Strobel nterviews three activists from the Chicago Abortion Fund (CAF): Brittany Mostiller-Keith, the Fund’s Executive Director, and CAF board members Lindsay Budzinski and Sekile Nzinga-Johnson. They discuss the history of the CAF, how it operates, and most especially the concept of Reproductive Justice, including ongoing efforts to repeal the notorious “Hyde Amendment” that prohibits any Federal funding of abortion. The proposed legislation, sponsored by Representative Barbara Lee of California, would insure abortion coverage under Medicaid and other insurance programs.

Episode 58Norvelt: Hope Only in Hard Times? Recorded November 21, 2015. Chicago DSA’s Peg Strobel in conversation with Margaret Power, co-author with Timothy Kelly and Michael Cary of Hope in Hard Times: Norvelt and the Struggle for Community During the Great Depression, a discussion the New Deal planned community of Norvelt, Pennsylvania. Margaret Power explains how her personal history intersects with Norvelt and provides some insights as to how and why the politics of this region has changed since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Available at Talkin’ Socialism.


On December 19, someone registered the domain name chicagodsa.info. That’s no problem. There are any number of organizations that share the initials d.s.a., from the Deputy Sheriff Association to the Deaf Seniors of America. But the person who purchased chicagodsa.info has it pointed to our web site: http://www.chicagodsa.org. The “whois” record for chicagodsa.info has the identity of the owner privacy protected. The anonymous email address for contacting the owner, wx9yb59745t@networksolutionsprivateregistration.com, sends any emails to our office email address, chiildsa@chicagodsa.org. Furthermore, we have some reason to believe that the email address chiildsa@chicagodsa.info exists.

So far the registrar, Network Solutions, has been notably unhelpful in resolving this situation. For all the brave words in their terms of service, their only response to what is obviously a registration based on deceit has been a promise to pass along our concerns to the owner of chicagodsa.info. This may be difficult to do, depending on the information they were given, but it’s not likely we’ll hear of it, one way or another, in any case.

To be fair, it is possible that this is a misguided but benign action of an enterprising DSA member. If so, please raise your hand and ‘fess-up. We’ll be more relieved than cross.

But unfortunately, this is far more likely to be a prelude to mischief. There are any number of possibilities. One is a fake but inflammatory Chicago DSA web site. Another and more likely possibility is all the opportunities to be divisive and outrageous: emails, bulletin board postings, postings on email discussion lists, etc. It also could be useful for fake press releases.

If you should spot chicagodsa.info either as part of an email address or as part of a web link, please let us know. And keep in mind that, until notified otherwise, chicagodsa.info is not likely to be honest or a friend to the left, never mind DSA.


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