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Beers for Bernie

What is democratic socialism? Who defines it? Since U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders decided to run for president of the United States on the Democratic Party ticket, questions about Bernie and socialism are ubiquitous. In addition to curiosity, there are attacks from the left, center and right as Bernie draws large and enthusiastic crowds. The Greater Oak Park chapter of Democratic Socialists of America invites you to join the conversation. We’re hosting a free event: Beers for Bernie. While the event is free, beer will be available for purchase. Beers for Bernie will be held at the Friendly Tap on Sunday, January 31 from 6 to 8 p.m. The Friendly Tap is located at 6733 W. Roosevelt Road in Berwyn. Questions? Email tbroderick@chicagodsa.org or go to the Facebook event page.

Chicago DSA Marches for Bernie by Alec Hudson

With the presidential primaries approaching and with Bernie Sanders gaining an edge over Hillary Clinton in the first primary and caucus states, the January 23rd March for Bernie was an embodiment of the enthusiasm for Sanders and his campaign. Over a thousand marchers arrived in front of the Daley Center and marched to the Chicago Board of Trade building, chanting slogans supporting Bernie and claiming “banks got bailed out, we got sold out!” In such an electric atmosphere people of all backgrounds spoke out against the inequality and lack of social services plaguing our nation, the state of Illinois, and the City of Chicago. The March was planned in coordination on social media with other marches supporting Sanders around the country.


Talkin’ Socialism

Episode 60 The Great Stagnation
Recorded January 9, 2016. Ron Baiman and Bill Barclay, members of the Chicago Political Economy Group, review the political economy of 2015 and speculate on 2016.

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DSA in the News

In Ohio, party caucuses do not choose who will go to the national conventions but rather who will be the candidate’s slate of delegates to stand in the subsequent primary. In Ohio’s 7th Congressional District, public radio’s WKSU found a DSA member attending the Clinton caucus.

John Nichols mentioned DSA in passing in an article about MoveOn’s endorsement process at The Nation. He also mentioned DSA in passing in his follow-up regarding MoveOn’s decision.

Conor Lynch mentioned DSA in passing in this essay about Bernie Sanders at Salon. Terry Simons writes about meeting Michael Harrington, mentioning DSA of course, and nominates Bernie Sanders as his successor, posted (interestingly) at Counterpunch.

The Chicago Tribune didn’t consider the Saturday, January 23, March for Bernie worthy of an article, but the work of their photographer, John J. Kim, was colorful enough to merit a photo slideshow, a few of which show the Chicago DSA banner.

DSA was mentioned in passing in a David Brooks opinion piece in LaJornada.

Matea Gold included DSA in a discussion of the constellation of groups supporting Bernie Sanders in the Washington Post. It being the Washington Post, the article was picked up in other publications, including the Ames Tribune in Iowa.

John Perazzo used DSA as one of his props to demonstrate that Representative Luis Gutierrez is a horrible person at David Horowitz’ Front Page. Interesting on how all the links are to other right-wing conspiracy mongers.

Join us at Beers for Bernie in the Wednesday Journal.

Generation Left

The Young Democratic Socialists’ winter conference will be over President’s Day weekend, February 12 through 14, at the May Day Community Space in Brooklyn, New York. For more information and to register, CLICK HERE.


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