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Greater Oak Park DSA

Ferrara Pan fair hiring demonstration
GOPDSA members and others at Ferrara Pan demonstration

GOP DSA joined Black Workers Matter in an action at Ferrara Pan to demand that (i) the company cease their discriminatory hiring practices and (ii) raise wages. Click HERE and HERE for more information.

On January 31, GOP DSA hosted a “Beers for Bernie” event at the Friendly Tap in Berwyn. About three dozen people attended, mostly not the usual suspects, to explore just what “democratic socialism” and the Sanders campaign is all about. It was politics accompanied by music from Chicago ex-pat singer-song writer Linda Boyle.

DSA in the News

A survey of campaign spending by Kenneth P. Vogel at Politico earned DSA a mention.

At the University of Maine, Sarah Allisot discussed socialism and mentions DSA in an essay posted at The Maine Campus. On the other hand, maybe it was Reuben Dendinger who wrote the essay, posted at the Bangor Daily News. Jaime Metzger enlisted DSA in arguing Bernie Sanders’ socialism ain’t your granddad’s socialism at Odyssey. Bernie Sanders isn’t a socialist, protests Therin Showalter at Indiana Daily Student, but quotes Joseph Schwartz and DSA to define the terms. Jeffrey Isaac presented a primer on Sanders and socialism at the New School’s Public Seminar, mentioning DSA.

Danny Duncan Collum mentions DSA when discussing “Should Christians Be Socialists?” at Sojourners.

Dan La Botz covered a New York March for Bernie with a mention of DSA at New Politics. Michael Romain’s account of the Bernie Sanders campaign in Oak Park, Illinois, began by featuring DSA at a local demonstration at the Wednesday Journal.

Elizabeth Bruenig crowned “democratic socialism” the winner of the 2016 elections, featuring DSA deputy director David Duhalde at The New Republic. On the other hand, some socialists are hoping Sanders will lose. Bill Scher mentioned DSA in his discussion of the two camps in a well-informed report at Politico. Mentioning DSA in passing, Gary Leupp continues that discussion in an essay in equal parts devoted to Bernie Sanders, socialism, and… Cornel West, posted at Counterpunch. Once again at Counterpunch, DSA pops up in an essay by William Blum about socialism and Sanders. Maria Svart joined Bill Resnick at Oregon’s KBOO Old Mole Variety Hour to discuss DSA and why “democratic socialism” is no longer an electoral kiss of death.

Jason Schulman mentions DSA in passing in an essay on the nature of political “parties” in the U.S. at New Politics.

Dan Majors outlines an analysis of Sanders’ economic plan by professor Gerald Friedman, mentioning DSA in connection with Friedman, at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Dave Anderson touted an upcoming DSA meeting in a discussion of the documentary This Changes Everything at Boulder Weekly.

DSA was used as an identifier for an interviewee in an article by Olivia Slagle regarding a demonstration advocating raising the minimum wage at The Daily Tarheel.

DSA National Political Committee Statements

on Bernie Sanders’ New Hampshire Primary Victory;

on Gloria Steinem.


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