March 4 Bernie 2/27/2016

164-3 DSA News

Campaigning for Bernie

Over the past two weeks, Chicago DSA, both as an organization and as individuals, continues to be actively promoting Bernie Sanders’ run for the Democratic Presidential nomination.

Sanders 95th Chicago
Leafleting at 95th Street. Photo: GOPDSA

On February 17, Chicago DSA blitzed the 95th Street “L” stop in the morning rush, handing out over a thousand flyers, mostly a DSA piece structured around Cornel West’s endorsement of Sanders.

On Saturday, February 27, Chicago DSA participated in the #March4Bernie2, once again bringing along our banner. About a dozen members hung-out by the banner during the rally but people, members and non-members and erstwhile members, kept coming and going. This time the event marched up Michigan Avenue to the Water Tower park, with a stop at the Tribune Tower. This time the march gained brief news mentions apart from the traffic reports.

We also had a few “Beers for Bernie” election return watching events that, with apologies, were rather hard to locate if you didn’t already know the individuals involved.

As individuals, DSA members have been active in phone banking at the Sanders campaign offices in the south Loop and in Evanston. Peg Strobel hosted a “Women for Bernie” meet-up in Oak Park. Brian Swoveland is among those organizing a fundraising concert, Enter the Sandman, on March 4th. And those are just the things your editor has heard about.

Talkin’ Socialism

Episode 61 The Rauner Agenda
Recorded February 6, 2016. Bunnie Johnson (Shop Steward and Executive Board member for AFSCME Local 2858, and a caseworker for the Illinois Department of Human Services) and Fran Tobin (Coordinator, Alliance for Community Services) in conversation with Chicago DSA’s Bob Roman. What happens when the State pretends there is no money? What happens to Human Services when the government is run “like a business”? Welcome to the new barbarity.

Download to listen later [right click]:
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or add to your playlist using STITCHER or iTunes.

Debs – Thomas – Harrington Dinner

Save the date: the 2016 Dinner will be on Friday evening, May 20. It looks like we’ll have Alderwoman Susan Sadlowski Garza as our featured speaker. If money is an issue, keep in mind that Chicago DSA members get a break on tickets.

DSA in the News

Bill Resnick continues his conversation with DSA’s Maria Svart, this time about socialism and climate change, on KBOO’s “Old Mole Variety Hour”. At public radio WOSU, Marilyn Smith deconstructs democratic socialism by interviewing a few sources, including a member of DSA. KATU interviewed Maria Svart about socialism and Sanders. Diane Jones’ “Off the Cuff” commentary on KLPW used DSA to explain democratic socialism: It’s evil, of course. U.S. Bureau Chief for Singapore’s The Straits Times, Jeremy Au Yong, attempts to explain Sanders and democratic socialism using DSA as one of his sources. Clark Mindock at International Business Times made a superficial attempt at defining Sander’s ideology — well, he got our name wrong.

MSNBC interviewed Frances Fox Piven about Bernie Sanders, mentioning her affiliation with DSA. Piven also gave a talk on the Sanders campaign in the context of poor people’s movements, covered by Steve Ahlquist at Progessive Charleston.

Edward Martin and Mateo Pimentel began a five part series, “Bernie Sanders, Democratic Socialism, and The Other America“, part II of which identifies Sanders as a “DSA socialist” at Dissident Voice. Peter Dreier examines Gloria Steinem’s support for Hillary Clinton, mentioning DSA, at Dissent. At the Associated Press’s Trail Translator, Nancy Benac uses quotes from DSA’s David Duhalde to help define Bernie Sander’s socialism.

The Orange Leader reported on two Vidor Lamar University students selected for political internships, including DSA in the bio of one of them.

Agatha Kereere covered an Oakland, California, Women for Bernie Meet-Up, including Barbara Ruffner “of the Democratic Socialists of America” as one of the speakers at Oakland North. Emma Alberici’s coverage of the results of the Iowa caucuses at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation included one scene featuring a lot of DSA Bernie Sanders t-shirts and buttons and interviews with unidentified DSA members. Anna Giaritelli at Washington Examiner covered DC’s MarchforBernie2, quoting DSA’s Coleson Breen and listing DSA as among the organizers. The U.K. version of International Business Times had a story by Tom Mendelsohn about the South Carolina primary, mentioning DSA’s Cornel West campaigning for Sanders.

J.T. Kim at Union College’s Concordiensis mentioned DSA, sorta, in connection with an upcoming campus visit by Cornel West. Likewise, Telesur covered a Cornel West tweet re: Hillary Clinton, mentioning his DSA membership.


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