Dr. Quentin Young

by Bob Roman

If you live in the Chicago area or if you’re in any way involved in the ongoing struggle to bring about a universal health care system here in the States, you have got to have heard that Dr. Young has died at the age of 92. For the details of his political career (which frequently intersected with his medical career), consult any of the obituaries published in Chicago media. I’ll only add that in the fight for universal health care, Dr. Young was a pleasure to work with, he was a DSA member, and he was, along with Sue Purrington, our 1992 Debs – Thomas – Harrington Dinner honoree:

Dr. Quentin Young
Dr. Young at the 1992 Debs – Thomas – Harrington Dinner

Quentin Young

We honor you because for decades you have been in the forefront of the campaign for universal and comprehensive health care for all Americans.

Before you graduated from medical school you maintained that health care is a matter of right for all and not just for those who have the means to purchase it or have strong unions that negotiate for it.

As President then Chair of the Health and Medicine Policy Research Group, you have worked to educate those in the health field that a comprehensive universal single-payer system is to everyone’s advantage. You have ably answered the lies spread against the Canadian system in existence today.

You have been there in the struggles for Civil Rights, for social and economic justice, and against all forms of discrimination. You were there in 1951 to fight against discrimination in Chicago medical institutions. You were there in 1983 for Harold Washington to win the mayoralty. You were there when Carol Moseley Braun announced her intention to run for the U.S. Senate. You have demonstrated your understanding that trade unions are a social force for Progress and Justice in our country.

For you dedication in the fight for universal and comprehensive health care for all and for your lifetime commitment to change our society to the better, the Debs – Thomas – Harrington Dinner Committee hereby presents to you its annual award this First Day of May, 1992.


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