DSA in the News

compiled by Bob Roman

In coverage of the then upcoming Illinois primary, Tom Schuba at NBC Chicago’s Ward Room identified Representative Danny K. Davis as a member of DSA (fwiw: not true at present). Tom Bell, for the Associated Press, included a two paragraph interview with DSA member Bob Murray in coverage of the Maine Democratic caucuses, carried by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch among others. Isthmus carried a press release touting the grand opening of a “Better with Bernie” headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin, including a quote from DSA member Les Gallay. At Chicago’s Redeye, Jess Nocera explains why millennials like Sanders and don’t mind “democratic socialism,” quoting DSA’s Maria Svart; this may have also appeared in other McClatchy publications. Madi Clark continues to support Bernie Sanders, referencing DSA, at The Odyssey.

The transcript of a panel discussion by Danny Katch (ISO) and Bhaskar Sunkara (Jacobin) and Gloria Mattera (Green Party) and Dustin Guastella (DSA) on Sanders and building a socialist movement was posted at Jacobin. Building a post-Sanders socialist movement was also the topic of an essay by Joseph Schwartz, mentioning DSA, at Telesur.

At The Hill, Okla Elliott writes yet another What is democratic socialism essay for beltway insiders, referencing DSA. And there is a similar, very brief essay by Ariel Oaks at The Claw. And the discussion continues with an article by Liz Rowley at Mic that quotes DSA. Bethany Sanders explored the question of Bernie Sanders and democratic socialism with DSA at Around the Bend. Anirudh Bhattacharyya claims Bernie Sanders was once a DSA member at The Quint (India).

We don’t usually include Breitbart.com as a legit news site, but Aaron Klein decided that giving Chicago DSA credit for shutting down Trump’s Chicago rally was an excellent addition to his terrifying DSA mythos. Alas that we actually had so little to do with organizing the protest. DSA members were there, however, as well as at the Palmer House, protesting a Bruce Rauner fundraiser.


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