Chicago Abortion Fund

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Be a Vital Part of Reproductive Justice in Chicago

by Maggie Kantor and Leah Barry

As proud democratic socialists and feminists, we joined the fight as co-captains for the Chicago Abortion Fund’s annual Bowl-a-Thon. Our goal is to raise $1,500 from our diverse coalition in the DSA for our greater Chicago area community. We’re asking that you donate to the DSA team and help us reach this goal by April 24th so that we can be a vital part of the movement to provide safe, legal abortion to those who need it.


Talkin’ Socialism

Episode 62 — Syria’s Great Migration; recorded March 12, 2016: Syria’s civil war has displaced an enormous percentage of its population, either internally or to an external diaspora. DSA’s Tom Broderick interviews Suzanne Akhras Sahloul, founder and Executive Director of the Syrian Community Network, about the dimensions of the problem and about the work of the Syrian Community Network: welcoming Syrian refugees to Chicago and helping them make sense of a new culture.

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DSA in the News

Shifting to post-Sanders mode, Livia Gershon quotes Ethan Earle, a DSA member, in an article at Vice. Also in post-Sanders mode, Dan La Botz opines that DSA is in an excellent position to provide a home for Sanders-nistas, no matter the outcome, at New Politics. DSA also figured into a post-Sanders opinion piece by Patrick Barrett at Truth-Out. DSA gets mentioned in another post-Sanders speculation by Miles Mogulescu at the Huffington Post. But Arun Gupta at Telesur, with all the authority and insight of an Occupy activist, sees the main post-Sanders contest as being between two flavors of Trotskyism with DSA a ghostly parenthetical “oh them.”

DSA was mentioned and DSA’s Deputy Director David Duhalde quoted in an article about New York’s 18th District State Senate election in an article by Sam Adler-Bell in The Nation. DSA member Carol Newton got quoted in an article by Mike Pearl about SPUSA Presidential candidate Mimi Soltysik at Vice.

Ominous forewarnings of chaos and violence around the upcoming “Democracy Spring” appeared in a Washington Times article by Kellan Howell and a Catholic Online article by David Drudge, and a article by Aaron Klein, because, after all, Democracy Spring is DSA endorsed and Chicago DSA shut down Donald Trump’s Chicago rally. The John Birch Society’s The New American jumped in with an article by Steve Byas. Oh, yes, not to neglect David Horowitz’ Front Page Magazine, where Mark Tapson actually thought DSA provided rides to the Trump rally… Tapson is a screen writer after all… These articles are being reposted in various right-wing blogs. Let us now appreciate the “journalism” of pigeon people.

The disorder at Trump rallies gets blamed on Trump in an article by Donna Fuscaldo at Good Call, quoting Shelby Murphy of the Young Democratic Socialists. DSA’s national director Maria Svart gets quoted about a Trump controversy at Emory University in a Newsweek article by Max Kutner.

Pardes Seleh at the Daily Wire, a right-wing propaganda site, claims Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland, in his student days, supported a Harvard University referendum that kept ROTC off campus, a measure also supported by the campus New American Movement, a predecessor organization to… DSA.

Hanna Holcomb mentioned DSA in passing in connection with a campus visit by a Sanders Campaign organizer at the Wesley Argus.

The Buffalo Chronicle carried a long promo for an upcoming DSA meeting by Katrinna Martin-Bordeaux. The initial meeting of the recently reestablished YDS chapter at Michigan State University was covered by Alexea Hankin at The State News.

DSA was mentioned in a long profile of Jacobin magazine and its editor, Bhaskar Sunkara, by Dylan Matthews at Vox. Sarah Taaffe Maguire did a similar piece at Trinity News.

Jess Davis used DSA to define democratic socialism in discussing what policies a Bernie Sanders Administration might pursue at the Odyssey. And Andrew Stewart used DSA to help attack Bernie Sanders as a reactionary misleader for the bourgeoisie at RIFuture.

An article about a ballot measure re: Citizen Review Board for police misconduct listed DSA San Diego as an endorser at Ocean Beach Rag.

Generation Left

Louie Messina covers the Young Democratic Socialists’ Winter Conference in February: HERE.

Rauner’s Road to Perdition

The 2016 Debs – Thomas – Harrington Dinner will be held Friday evening, May 20, at the Crowne Plaza Chicago Metro. Our keynote speaker for the evening is Alderwoman Suzan Sadlowski Garza and our honorees are local activist Jorge Mujica and National Nurses United Director of Public Policy (and former DSA National Director) Michael Lighty. Tickets are $80 and can be ordered from Chicago DSA, 3411 W. Diversey, Suite 7, Chicago, IL 60647. Ordering tickets and reserved tables online should be available starting April 5, HERE.


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