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Making a Political Revolution

Excited about Bernie Sanders? Want to join the political revolution? Come to our May 7th forum on movement building beyond the election! We’ll discuss the significance of the Sanders campaign, the meaning of democratic socialism, and strategies for confronting exploitation and inequality at the state and national level. We’ll also offer skills training on coalition building and grassroots organizing. Together, we’ll plan ways to channel the renewed interest in democratic socialism toward a sustainable movement for political transformation. There’s never been a more exciting or vital time to work for change. Join us in the fight!

Where: National Nurses United, 850 W. Jackson, Chicago

When: Saturday, May 7, 10 AM to 1 PM

Co-sponsored by Alliance for Community Services, Chicago Democratic Socialists of America, National Nurses United, and Progressive Democrats of America.

Rauner’s Road to Perdition

The 58th Debs — Thomas — Harrington Dinner will be Friday evening, May 20, at the Crown Plaza Chicago Metro, Madison & Halsted in Chicago. Our keynote speaker is Alderwoman Susan Sadlowski Garza and we’ll be honoring National Nurses United’s Public Policy Director, Michael Lighty, and Chicago labor and immigrant rights activist Jorge Mújica. Tickets are $80. Tickets can be ordered online at the Dinner web page or, if you prefer, by mail. For a printable (PDF) order form, CLICK HERE.

DSA in the News

Chicago ex-pat Eric Fink’s campaign for the North Carolina Senate and DSA were written up in an article by Paul Blest at Indy Week.

DSA was mentioned in connection with the late Bogdan Denitch in Ian Williams’ column at Tribune Magazine.

DSA got mentioned in passing in a post-Sanders speculation by Geoff Gilbert at Truthout. At MSNBC, Alex Seitz-Wald provided  a heads up about the upcoming People’s Summit in Chicago, mentioning (“and then there’s”) DSA. A similar article by Kate Aronoff also mentioned DSA at Rolling Stone. Paul Street dismisses Bernie Sanders and, in passing, DSA at Counterpunch.

Madeline Cohen included an extensive quote from DSA member Theresa Alt in a Cornell Sun article about the Sanders campaign in Tompkins County, New York.

Stephanie Block affirms to conservatives that socialism by any name is really bad, using DSA and Cornel West, as props at Spero News. At Maine Wire (a newsletter of the Maine Heritage Policy Center), John Frary mentions DSA in connection with research on the minimum wage. DSA is quoted by B.K. Marcus in a discussion of democracy and socialism at The Freeman.

Talkin’ Socialism

Episode 63 Good Jobs, Clean Jobs, and Nuclear Energy in Illinois
Recorded April 25, 2016. Tom Broderick interviews David Kraft, director and a founder of the Nuclear Energy Information Service. Kraft discusses the state of the nuclear energy industry in Illinois and the ongoing efforts by various interests to pass their own versions of a “Clean Jobs” bill. This legislation would create thousands of jobs by increasing energy efficiency, developing renewable energy sources, and meeting or exceeding EPA carbon emission standards. (37:27)

Religious Socialism

Chicago DSA member Brian Noe is among those producing a new podcast for DSA’s Religion and Socialism Commission. The first episode is a conversation with Professor Gary Dorrien, who teaches social ethics at Union Theological Seminary. The sound file is available through iTunes and Soundcloud.


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