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Last Call for Dinner

The 58th Debs — Thomas — Harrington Dinner is coming very soon: Friday, May 20. If you plan to attend, now is the time to get your tickets. We really need to know by Tuesday, May 17th, as the hotel needs to know how many meals to prepare.

We’re honoring Michael Lighty and Jorge Mújica, and we have a tremendous keynote speaker: Alderwoman Susan Sadlowski Garza. For more information and to order tickets online, CLICK HERE.

The Sanders Campaign and Beyond

by Bob Roman

On Saturday, May 7, over 70 people gathered at the Midwest office of National Nurses United to consider the future of the movement for socialism inspired by Bernie Sander’s campaign. Much to the surprise of some late arrivals, it started on time and stayed pretty much on time for the rest of the three hours. It was a capacity crowd. Many of the late arrivals ended up seated on the floor.


The Sanders Campaign and Beyond: An Introduction

by Ian Hartman

If you are here today, chances are you’ve been in some way stirred, energized, or moved to action by the Sanders campaign. This has proven to be an historic election — not just because Sanders has so successfully channeled the immense dissatisfaction that people feel with the political status quo, but because his campaign has helped carve out a space where we can really start to question and organize against the common sense that has constrained the horizons of American politics.


Stop the TPP

Chicago DSA and Greater Oak Park DSA have begun a postcard petition campaign directed at the Illinois Congressional delegation, urging the Senators and Representatives to vote against the TPP when it finally comes up for a vote. We collected signed postcards at the May 7th Sanders event, at the Logan Square Farmers Market today, and at the upcoming Debs — Thomas — Harrington Dinner. We’ll be doing this at other venues throughout the summer. If you’d like to help, give the office a call: 773.384.0327.

DSA in the News

Paul Street continued to wish Bernie Sanders (and, in passing, DSA) would go away, leaving the field open for real revolutionaries, at Counterpunch. Also at Counterpunch, Howie Hawkins wished Bernie Sanders (and, in passing, DSA) would go away, leaving the field open for the Green Party. Ethan Corey at In These Times credits DSA as being among the organizations organizing the post-Sanders campaign Peoples Summit. Also at In These Times, Douglas Williams mentions DSA in passing in an argument against Clinton.

Apropos of May Day, the BBC interviewed Joseph Schwartz, identifying him as a Vice-Chair of DSA, on Newshour, about 16 minutes in.

Dan La Botz mentions DSA in passing in a survey of the Latin American and European Left at New Politics.

In reporting on the post-primary Sanders movement, Joseph Schwartz was quoted with the DSA Vice-Chair ID, by Peter Nicholas at The Wall Street Journal.

The Wesleyan Student Assembly voted in favor raising the minimum wage on campus, supported by the Wesleyan YDS chapter, as reported by Erica DeMichiel at The Wesley Argus. Aviv has a report on the campaign, mentioning DSA, at Wesleying.


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