165-3 Politics

Fight for 15

staged two major actions in support of a $15 / hour and a union on April 14. On the far north side, students and workers blocked the Sheridan & Hollywood intersection. Progress Illinois has an account (with video) HERE. On Chicago’s Gold Coast, the protest went to one of the homes of Illinois billionaire Ken Griffen, then to Bank of America, and finally to the Rock & Roll McDonalds. Progress Illinois has an account (with video) HERE. David Moberg has an account at In These Times.

The Chicago Model

Check out the reporting on the “Chicago Model” of policing done by Simone Weichselbaum at The Marshall Project. Like most good research, it raises as many questions as it answers.

On the other hand, Chicago’s Police Accountability Task Force just recently completed its report. Katie Campbell provided a summary of numbers behind the report at Chicago Magazine. Andrew Fan provided a more general account at The Chicago Reporter, while Whet Moser looked at some of the more interesting data and recommendations at Chicago Magazine.

The politics of the Task Force report was the focus of an article by Adeshina Emmanuel at Chicago Magazine, as well the focus an article by Susan Smith Richardson at The Chicago Reporter and by Curtis Black at The Chicago Reporter. Chip Mitchell’s report at WBEZ is also worthwhile. A longer term project of tracking the implementation (or not) of the Task Force report has begun at The Invisible Institute, the group that helped break the Laquan McDonald story.

Alderwoman Leslie Hairston has a proposed ordinance establishing an Independent Police Monitor before the City Council. The Community Renewal Society has proposed a FAIR COPS Ordinance that would create an independent civilian Police Auditor’s Office. The Society is also supporting legislation at the State level, SB 2758, that would specify that a sworn affidavit cannot be a requirement in order to file a complaint for police misconduct. The Chicago Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression’s Stop Police Crimes project is pushing its proposal for an elected Civilian Police Accountability Council; nothing less will do.

A World Without Prisons

A Chicago activist, Mariame Kaba, is interviewed by Dan Sloan at Lumpen Times. Kaba is the founder and director of Project NIA and has been involved in the Chicago Freedom School, Chicago Taskforce on Violence Against Girls and Young Women, We Charge Genocide, and has been a leading advocate for Restorative Justice.


165-3 Democratic Socialism

Intersectionality: Cooperatives and Black Power

Chokwe Lumumba, the Mayor of Jackson, Mississippi, promised to transform the economy of the city and the surrounding counties with cooperative enterprises. He died of an aneurysm while in office, not long before a national conference to support the effort. Nathan Schneider examines the project and what’s left of it at Vice.