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For a LaSalle Street Tax

On Tuesday, June 7, four or five dozen supporters of a LaSalle Street Tax gathered in front of the Bilandic Building (aka State of Illinois Building, appropriately on LaSalle Street across from the Thompson Center) for a rally and press conference prior to a hearing on State Representative Mary Flower’s HB106. “LaSalle Street Tax” is the local name for a Financial Transaction Tax, essentially a sales tax on sales on stock trades and the like. National Nurses United and Chicago Teachers Union were the backbone of the event, but DSA was well represented by at least seven members. Local coverage was reasonably good. For coverage outside the pay-walls, see:

Ag Exports Lag Under Trade Deals

At Eyes on Trade:

Time and again, U.S. farmers and ranchers have been promised that controversial “free trade” agreements (FTAs) would provide a path to economic success by boosting exports. Time and again, these promises have been broken. Data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture reveal that U.S. agricultural exports have lagged, agricultural imports have surged and family farms have disappeared under existing FTAs. Undeterred by its own data, USDA has repeated the standard FTA sales pitch with a factsheet claiming that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which would expand the status quo trade model, would “support expansion of U.S. agricultural exports, increase farm income, generate more rural economic activity, and promote job growth.” That promise contradicts the actual outcomes of the FTAs that serve as the TPP’s blueprint.



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