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Revolutionary Picnic

You and yours are invited to join in a 4th of July potluck picnic in my backyard. I have no grill, so all food will have to be brought ready to share. This picnic is the Greater Oak Park branch of Oak Park DSA’s socialist salon ~ a social gathering

Picnic start: 1 PM

Picnic location: 201 S. Ridgeland, Oak Park. I have a backyard, a smallish front porch and of course an apartment. Hopefully the weather is good and we can relax and move freely around the whole place.

Picnic end: 5 PM

What to bring: Bring what you like to share ~ food, drink, entertainment.

Questions? Call Tom at 708 386 6007.

Hope to you can join us.

Disability Integration Act

Adopted by DSA’s National Political Committee:

Democratic Socialists of America expresses its support for The Disability Integration Act (SB 2427). This critical bill would ensure that seniors and people with disabilities would have the financial resources necessary to receive in-home and community-based services as an alternative to institutionalization. More broadly, the bill would stop states and insurance companies from denying these individuals the right to continue living in their communities. In addition to personally touching the lives of many DSAers, DSA believes this bill is important because we view it as part of a larger fight to secure basic civil rights for seniors and people with disabilities who have lacked them for so long. As democratic socialists, we believe the struggle for genuine equality involves ensuring all people have the capacity to lead flourishing lives and to participate as equal members of society with all their brothers and sisters. Consequently, we view the fight for a society that enables people with disabilities to live good lives with dignity as a central component of our democratic socialist vision.

Sanctions Against Venezuela

Adopted by DSA’s National Political Committee:

In the past year, Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) has been dismayed to see President Barack Obama and a bipartisan group of senators led by Marco Rubio (R-FL) violate US and international law to impose sanctions against the nation of Venezuela. We call on the President and Congress to reverse these actions and stop seeking to undermine the Venezuelan people and their legitimate, democratically elected government.


DSA Condemns Mass Murder in Orlando

Democratic Socialists of America condemns the perpetrator of the mass killing and wounding of innocents at the LGBTQ night club Pulse in Orlando Florida this past weekend on Latin nigh. We stand in solidarity with the victims and their families and the LGBTQ and Latinx community of Orlando and beyond.


DSA in the News

Frank Gaunt listed YDS as one of his big high school accomplishments in a profile of “20 Under 20” at Columbia Business Times.

The Indypendent’s interview with People for Bernie organizer Winnie Wong mentions DSA in the context of organizing for the People’s Summit. Steve Schwartzberg and Steve Balkin mention DSA in a similar context at Chicago’s The Beachwood Reporter. In a Huffington Post essay about the general state of Democratic politics, Robert Kuttner mentions DSA. David Lightman, reporting for the McClatchy chain of newspapers, includes DSA in a discussion of the future of the Sanders movement. Gabriel Debenedetti at Politico mentions DSA in connection with the People’s Summit, as does Scott Galindez at Reader Supported News. In discussing a post-Sanders movement, Bob Master mentions DSA at New Labor Forum. It’s all orchestrated to lead lefty sheeple to the graveyard of social movements (DSA?), contends Jeff Mackler at Counterpunch. Dan La Botz mentions DSA in connection with the People’s Summit at Viento Sur.

Conservative news site CNSNews used DSA as an icon for an article by Michael Morris examining Gallup poll results re: American attitudes toward “socialism”. At Counterpunch, Lawrence Wittner mentions DSA in examining the rise of socialism in opinion polls. DSA’s Maria Svart is quoted by Kevin Williamson at National Review in an interesting variation on the old “too much democracy” argument conservatives like to make. Lawrence Wittner takes a more historical approach, mentioning DSA, at Huffington Post. George Souvlis interviewed Cornel West about the state of politics in Black America at Open Democracy, and you can’t mention Dr. West without mentioning DSA.

At Washington Times, Tammy Bruce revisits lefty involvement in anti-Trump protests, including DSA in the credits.

John Nichols mentioned DSA at The Nation when discussing appointments to the Democratic National Conventions’ platform committee. Ron Radosh provides his own take on the subject at the right-wing propaganda site, PJ Media. Joanna Estrada mentioned DSA in passing while discussing the possibility of replacing Debbie Wasserman Schultz as DNC chair at the Fayette Advocate. And at New York Magazine, Eric Levitz also mentions DSA in connection with Sander’s continuing campaign.

At The Salt Lake Tribune, Randy Thomson of Utah DSA calls upon Democratic politicians to practice what they preach.

Debbie Medina’s campaign for a New York State Senate seat earned DSA mentions in an article by Nicole Disser at Bedford and Bowery.

DSA got mentioned in an article by Josh Harkinson at Mother Jones regarding the affect of the Sanders campaign on the Green Party and the Peace & Freedom Party in California running up to the primary.

Barbara Ehrenreich, identified as an honorary co-chair of DSA, was interviewed at Margins.

Don Rose defends Trotskyites (or is it Trotskyists?), using DSA, at Chicago Sun-Times.

Aaron Bandler’s attack on Senator Elizabeth Warren at Daily Wire mentioned DSA, using Trevor Loudon as a source (heh).

Ed Strauss’ obituary of Bogdan Denitch at Workers’ Liberty mentioned DSA.

Alex McLeese

Alex McLeese was elected to Chicago DSA’s Executive Committee at our June 11th meeting. He’ll be sharing the responsibilities of Political Education Director with City of Chicago branch representative Alec Hudson.

Defeating Inequality: A Global Plan

DSA is nominally a member of the Socialist International. The International’s Commission on Inequality held it’s first meeting in Brussels on June 3 and 4.

As a result of this first round of discussions on tackling global inequality, the Commission members agreed on a series of fundamental policies that need to be put into effect to deliver a reduction in inequality. These included the need to end tax havens; implement more progressive taxation; explore ways to tax capital at a higher rate than wages where applicable; create a link between GDP and Gini coefficient as a measure of prosperity; reaffirm the crucial role of education as a prerequisite for reducing inequality; end discrimination on the grounds of gender, nationality and ethnicity; reform international institutions in order that they reflect contemporary realities; couple economic justice with climate justice and a reduction in emissions; intensify the struggle against corruption; tie minimum wages to median income; and pursue conflict resolution to bring the stability needed to reduce inequality.



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