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Waging Class War: Donald Trump’s Attack on Equality

At Democratic Left, Bill Barclay writes:

The driving force behind both the decision of Bernie Sanders to seek the presidency and the firestorm that his campaign unleashed is the same as that of Occupy Wall Street: the 1% vs. the 99%. The unifying theme of Sanders rallies, speeches and policies has been the denunciation of “the billionaire class.” Sanders understands better than most that the obscene level of income and wealth inequality in the U.S. — we’re No. 1 among wealthy countries — makes all other problems more difficult to solve.

Sanders made inequality an issue — the issue — in the presidential campaign. But many pundits and even many voters seem to have forgotten this.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump hasn’t — but he isn’t interested in fighting inequality. In fact, his proposal for “reforming” taxes is a blatant attempt to increase inequality.


Personal PAC

Illinois’ pro-choice political action committee Personal PAC will feature controversial DSA Honorary Chair Gloria Steinem at its 23rd Annual Awards Luncheon. This will take place on Thursday, October 13, at the Chicago Hilton International Ballroom, 720 S. Michigan in Chicago. Tickets are really really expensive, though if you want any serious money out of a downtown hotel fundraiser, the event’s minimum is… reasonable. You can find out more HERE.

Two Towns, Two Americas: The Story of Rev. Edward Pinkney

At ReImagining Magazine, Paul Sakol writes:

The problems in Benton Harbor/St. Joseph, Michigan are not only racial. They are also problems of class. This article is about these two towns. It is about Reverend Edward Pinkney and his organization, BANCO (Black Autonomy Network Community Organization), fighting Whirlpool Corporation and other big corporate and political powers. It is about being imprisoned twice on false charges of voter fraud — and what this says about our criminal justice system.


Chicago Board of Election Sued

At Progress Illinois, Ellyn Fortino writes:

A federal lawsuit was filed last week against the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners, alleging “discrepancies and improprieties” occurred during the audit of the March 15 primary returns.

The law firm Gregory E. Kulis & Associates, Ltd. brought the lawsuit Thursday on behalf of five individuals with the Illinois Ballot Integrity Project who were credentialed to monitor the audit, plus an early voter whose ballot was cast at a downtown Chicago polling site with an electronic voting machine subject to the audit.


Petitioning Fails

Dr. David Gill previously ran for the U.S. House in Illinois’ 13th District and did well, losing by about a thousand votes, a fraction of a percent. This year he decided to run as an independent, but enough of his petition signatures were ruled invalid to cause him to be short of the 8,593 required. He is planning an appeal. MORE HERE.


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