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FIRE: From Boom to Bubble in Chicago Recorded July 20, 2016. That’s Finance Insurance Real Estate, the sector of the economy that many observers assert dominates the politics of many cities. Does demand and supply accurately describe how commercial real estate markets function? How are development decisions made? Can you tell whether you’re in a boom or is it a bubble? Chicago DSA’s Bill Barclay interviews Professor Rachel Weber about the political economy of urban development and about her new book, From Boom to Bubble: How Finance Built the New Chicago.

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YDS-CC Statement on Bernie Sanders’ Endorsement of Hillary Clinton

The Young Democratic Socialists understands, but does not follow, why Senator Bernie Sanders ultimately made the political maneuver to endorse Hillary Clinton for President in the face of a Trump candidacy. Regardless of our agreements and disagreements with the Sanders endorsement, or continuing to debate the presidential candidate to vote for, now is the time to consider what we as a movement will do to make real change happen. We are in a pinnacle moment where we can direct our Bernie energy where it matters. It is time to put our feet on the ground and do some real grassroots organizing.

YDS believes that organizing on the ground for fundamental social movement growth and building political power with progressive and left wing politicians, is more important than the presidential campaign. The upcoming months provide an opportunity for this political combination. Our struggles should be aimed at seriously intersecting the Movement for Black Lives, the eminent threat of climate change, feminist struggles beyond breaking glass ceilings, and the ongoing fight against the 1%.

The power is in the hands of the people.

DSA in the News

compiled by Bob Roman

Okay, it barely mentions DSA… a reference to YDS in a photo caption… in an article by Dylan Matthews interviewing Bhaskar Sunkara about where socialists go post-Sanders at Vox. In a long analysis of the opportunities and failures of the Sanders campaign, Nathan Fisher mentions DSA at Truthdig. At The American Prospect, Jake Blumgart mentioned DSA in passing in his account of demonstrations ahead of and organizing outside of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Meredith Keller quoted DSA member Mark Maxey and mentioned an upcoming DSA meeting in covering a pro-Sanders demo in Oklahoma City at KOKH-TV (Fox). Tom George followed up by covering that meeting at KOKH-TV. Occupy alumnus Arun Gupta used DSA as a prop in an argument that the probably-waste-of-time Sanders movement is (or should be) falling apart at Counterpunch. Tom Benning at Dallas Morning News mentioned DSA as a home for refugee Sanders delegates, post-convention. At Philadelphia Magazine, Jared Brey made extensive use of DSA in an account of the Socialist Caucus meeting at the DNC. Elizabeth Nolan Brown at libertarian Reason Magazine had her own take on the Caucus (“organized by the Democratic Socialists of America”). Reason Magazine’s Anthony L. Fisher also mentioned DSA in passing. Jesse Myerson included DSA in an report from the convention floor at Dissent Magazine. Jessie Myerson also included DSA in a post-convention article at Dissent Magazine. Christopher Hooks made DSA a part of his “What’s Next?” essay at Texas Observer. E. Tammy Kim used a Baltimore DSA meeting as a way of exploring attitudes of Bernie supporters at The New Yorker. David Weigel at The Washington Post included DSA in a “What’s next?” article. Weigel’s account (including DSA) was excerpted, combined with other accounts by the AP, this example being at the Tampa Bay Times. Siobhan Hughes mentioned DSA in conclusion in a Wall Street Journal account of DNC delegates from Ohio. In an account of the Connecticut delegation, Russell Blair mentioned DSA in passing at the Hartford Courant. Paul Elliott mentioned DSA in his account of the DNC at The Villages Suntimes (an Aussie site, actually). Lorenzo Gonzalo mentioned DSA in a DNC account at Radio Miami. At Junior College, Bill Blare mentioned DSA in his DNC account. Molly Knefel quoted DSA member Christian Bowe in a what’s-next article at Truth-Out.

Ryan Cooper mentioned DSA in passing in an article about the Working Families Party at The Week.

DSA was mentioned in passing by Stephen Magagnini in an article about revisions in public school curriculum at the Sacramento Bee.

Carly Hoilman used DSA as an identifier for Cornel West at The Blaze.

Socialist International Council

The SI Council met at the United Nations in Geneva on July 1 and 2. DSA was not represented, among many other absentees. You can read about it HERE.


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