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167-3 Politics

Bernie, Hillary and Trump

by Tom Suhrbur

Bernie or bust! This is the sentiment among some Sanders supporters. It is so wrong. I supported Bernie Sanders in the primary and contributed more than $27 to his campaign. He best reflected my feelings about a wide range of issues such as income inequality, health care, social justice, environmental protection, trade and taxes. Sanders is absolutely right in supporting Hillary. A Trump presidency would likely give Republican control of all three branches of the federal government, embolden reactionary bigotry and undermine social progress for many years to come. Remember what happened the last time Republicans swept into power: two wars in the Middle East and the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression.


The DNC’s Right Realignment

At Democratic Left, Elizabeth Mahoney writes:

On July 26, concurrent to the Democratic National Convention’s star-studded attempt to make everybody forget everything that transpired during the primary, New York Mag published a great piece on the Florida senatorial race. What they call “the second-strangest campaign of the season” is worth reading about for a few reasons; because the general election might be able to defeat Marco Rubio’s mercurial reentry into national politics and hand a rare Florida win to the Democrats; because Alan Grayson — the $16-million-tax-haven owner, who, policy-wise, lands on the left wing of the Democratic Party — is great entertainment; and because Grayson’s primary rival, Patrick Murphy, is a quiet, but powerful, signal of where the Dems are headed.


The Development of a Progressive Third Party

At The Activist, Pranay Somayajula writes:

With the volatile political climate of 2016 and the deep rift in the Democratic Party between its far-left and more moderate members, there have been numerous talks of the formation of a viable third party in the United States. Unfortunately, attempts to do so in the past few decades have never met with any major success, largely because of the way our governmental system has molded itself to fit the two-party system. The way things are now, it looks as though a revolution would be needed to make change. However, that is not the case. There is a simple solution to the problem that is staring us in the face as we speak.



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