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From Sanders to the Grassroots

At The Activist, Meghan Brophy writes:

From August 5-7, members of Young Democratic Socialists (YDS), College Students for Bernie, and the Student Labor Action Project gathered for a joint gathering, “From Sanders to the Grassroots.” The D.C. area conference represented what speaker Bill Fletcher Jr. called for: unity between progressives and socialists to amplify each other.

This conference was an unprecedented act of strategic unity for the U.S.-based student left. As our newly politicized generation navigates this tumultuous election, we have a long term vision and tactics for social and electoral change. “From Sanders to the Grassroots” provided a crucial space for student activists to network, discuss, and strategize together about how we can continue our political revolution against the billionaire class.


DSA in the News

compiled by Bob Roman

There are a number of difficulties in compiling DSA media mentions. One is that search engines like Google are not as omniscient as they’d like you to believe. Even legitimately journalistic sites have their backwaters, and those often don’t get included in query returns. Sometimes repeating the search with a slightly different query helps. Then there are the pay-walls. And visual or audio media where “DSA” is mentioned doesn’t get indexed unless the content is reflected in a transcript or a title. And of course, there’s the obvious question of what constitutes “legitimately journalistic.” There’s a lot of sites that pretend to be news but instead provide talking points or (particularly with right-wing sites) rhetoric with only an approximate connection to facts, and podcasts and video channels that range from political garbage to, at their best, web adjuncts to professional journalism.

All this leads into an introduction to The Benjamin Dixon Show. In terms of credentials, the show recently became a member of the Ring of Fire Podcast Network. The network includes a number of shows that get carried by left-wing talk radio stations, such as WCPT here in the Chicago area. Recently Dixon featured an interview with two DSA members as part of a discussion of millennial politics. It’s available via YouTube in five segments: Introduction to Millennial Politics, the Future of Economic Ideology and Policies, How Socialism Does NOT Stifle Progress, Socialism in a Pro-Capitalist Electoral System, and a United Global Workforce. The video production values are pretty good. There’s not much lacking that money couldn’t fix; give the program about $50,000 and you’d see something as professional as the rest of what’s on broadcast talk radio. The audio of the entire episode is available through Stitcher, through the iTunes store (the episode posted 8/17/2016) and soon on the program’s Soundcloud channel.


At the tail end of DNC stories, DSA’s growth in Texas was part of Jonathan Tilove’s account at the Austin American-Statesman and John Winstead mentioned DSA as participating in the Socialist Convergence at College Heights Herald.

Jim Smith mentions DSA as part of the “sleeping left” in an article promoting Jill Stein at Counterpunch.

Jared Brey takes a brief detour to a DSA meeting in an article about Katie McGinty’s campaign for the U.S. Senate at Philadelphia Magazine.

Modernizing U.S. Food Aid

Episode 67 of Talkin’ Socialism, recorded August 13, 2016. In the wake of World War II, the US launched an ambitious effort to help save lives by fighting the scourge of hunger. The idea was simple: take surplus US grain and send it to people in need around the world. Since then, US food aid has saved hundreds of millions of people from malnutrition and starvation. Now, over 60 years after the program was launched, it’s time for US food aid to be modernized. Millions of more lives could be saved simply by adding flexibility and efficiency to the program. Chicago DSA’s Alex McLeese interviews Oxfam America’s Adam Olson on the fight to reform food aid.

Download to listen later [right click]:

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Last Call for Labor Day

We need your help to advocate for fair trade rather than free trade, advocate for fair taxes not austerity, make higher education a public good instead of a commodity. Your contribution will provide support for Chicago DSA branches, in the City, in Oak Park, and maybe at Northwestern (and maybe elsewhere?) this fall. Your presence in these pages will be an affirmation of social justice and an encouragement to those who would build a democratic socialist movement for the 21st Century. Please take an ad in the annual Labor Day issue of New Ground. The details are HERE. (pdf)

If using plastic would make things easier, you can make a contribution HERE, using PayPal’s secure payment interface. You can also set up a monthly contribution that will nick you less each time than an order for carryout coffee.


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