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DSA in the News

compiled by Bob Roman

DSA gets mentioned in a book review by Maurice Isserman at Common Reader.

DSA was among several groups sponsoring an Our Revolution kick-off party in Oklahoma City, according to Serena Blaiz at Oklahoma Activist. The organization of a new DSA chapter was part of Kim Schneider’s account of post-Sanders organizing at Duluth News Tribune. A somewhat longer version of Schneider’s article is at the Grand Forks Herald. Jake Johnson highlighted DSA as among the major beneficiaries of the Sanders movement at Common Dreams.

The Young Democratic Socialists were among the groups in a solidarity protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline, according to Michelle at Wesleying. The Dakota Access protest was also covered at The Wesleyan Argus by Gili Lipman, who also mentioned the Young Democratic Socialists.

Steve Wiandt covered a Jill Stein rally and quoted DSA member David Brinovec at the Cuahoga Falls News-Press.

Right before New York’s state primary, Haley Markbreiter listed DSA among state Senate candidate Debbie Medina’s endorsers at In These Times. (Medina lost with 38%.)

Andrew Stewart touches on DSA as part of a discussion of Israel, Syria, empire, and why evil Putin is nonetheless a force for progress at Counterpunch.

DSA member Stiofain Gael Mac Geough had an op-ed explaining socialism in the Idaho State Journal.


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