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Episode 68 A Tale of 2 Cities and Rev. Edward Pinkney

Recorded August 25, 2016. It’s a story of racism, class, corporate power and the denial of democracy and justice. It is a story of how neoliberal policies are affecting all parts of our country. Tom Broderick interviews Robert McKay and Paul Sakol about how Reverend Edward Pinkney ran up against an obdurate and vindictive local Establishment that has put him in jail… for possibly a long time.

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DSA in the News

compilied by Bob Roman

The William Patterson Young Democratic Socialists were mentioned as joining a vigil remembering Cherelle Jovanna Locklear, according to Shamika Sanders at Hello Beautiful.

Grace Walker and Alex Vanden Heuvel featured the University of Georgia Young Democratic Socialists at The Red & Black. Casey Schmauder mentioned the Young Democratic Socialists in passing in a post-Bernie article at The Pitt News.

Salar Mohandesi includes DSA in a long analysis of the Sanders movement and the prospects for a permanent social democratic current in U.S. politics at Viewpoint Magazine. Scott Tucker mentions DSA as part of the “reactionary left” at Popular Resistance. A somewhat mangled post-convention account by Rufina Vignone mentions the Young Democratic Socialists at Mag-SeriesUsa (possibly an automated pseudo-news site). The campus is the focus of another post-convention article, this by Alex Daugherty, that mentions the Young Democratic Socialists at the McClatchy newspaper chain’s DC bureau. Elizabeth Henderson tracks the trajectory of Bernie delegates at The Nation, and DSA gets mentions.

Protests at the University of Southern California against the Dakota Access Pipeline were covered by at Tanushree Kakani at the Daily Trojan and by Rachel Ramos at USC Annenberg Media, both mentioning the Young Democratic Socialists’ co-sponsorship.

Tom Broderick boosts the Illinois People’s Summit gathering on Saturday, October 1 (DSA among the conveners) at the Wednesday Journal.

Socialist International

The Socialist International’s Presidium met in New York at the United Nations on September 21. Refugees and migrants were a major topic of discussion, though developments related to elections in Nicaragua and human rights in Guatemala were also on the agenda.MORE INFORMATION.

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