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Save the Date: “The Emancipation of Cecily McMillan”

Sunday, November 6, 3 PM to 5 PM at The Seminary Co-op Bookstore, 5751 S. Woodlawn in Chicago. Activist and prison advocate Cecily McMillan will give a talk on her new memoir, her experience as an incarcerated person, and the fight against the carceral state. MORE INFORMATION.

Also, the Greater Chicago DSA local will be having its monthly meeting on Saturday, November 12, at the National Nurses United Midwest office because we’ll be having, via Skype, DSA National Vice-Chair and Executive Editor of The American Prospect Harold Meyerson to discuss: What happened in the 2016 election? Why did it happen? And what does it mean for politics going forward? More information to follow soon.

DSA in the News

compiled by Bob Roman

In another post-Convention article, the Young Democratic Socialists get a shout-out from Harold Meyerson at The American Prospect. DSA gets a mention in what’s more of a post-Occupy article by Jake Johnson at Common Dreams.

DSA gets mentioned in passing in the course of an interview of Bob Fitrakis by Eric Scott Pickard at The Fifth Column News (a site whose politics seems stuck somewhere in 1969’s “underground”). From a different end of the left spectrum, DSA gets mentioned when Martin Thomas and Sacha Ismail interviewed Peter Frase at Workers’ Liberty regarding his tour flogging (in the British sense) his new book Four Futures: Life After Capitalism and about Jacobin.

Michigan State University radio station WDBM-FM reporter Naina Rao interviewed MSU’s Young Democratic Socialists. Brendan Baxter at The State News interviewed Ali Hammoud about the Young Democratic Socialists.

Chris Woodward mentioned DSA to make sure readers understand just how evil Ben & Jerry’s is at One News Now. DSA got a mention in Linda Bentley’s coverage of a local Tea Party meeting at Sonoran News. Then again, Metro Atlanta DSA were pictured tabling at the Many Rivers to Cross Festival at the Atlanta Black Star.

DSA comes up in the course of an argument by Ty Moore and Patrick Ayers that urging a vote for Clinton just sets the stage for more Trumps at CounterPunch. On the other hand, Amber A’Lee Frost also mentions DSA at The Baffler.

John T. Martin mentioned DSA in connection with Cornel West’s then upcoming appearance at the University of Southern Indiana at the Evansville Courier & Press (actually, it was in the university press release). Sarah Roger made the connection also in her coverage of that appearance at The Shield.

Afkar Magazine posted material from and about a retrospective conference in Ohio from a few years ago about Michael Harrington’s The Other America.

In Baltimore, DSA Member Ian Schlackman Hopes to Turn the City Council Green

Alec Shea begins:

It is rare for third party candidates, even those that end up winning, to outdo their opponents in terms of fundraising. In Baltimore’s 12th City Council District, Green Party candidate and DSA member Ian Schlackman has achieved that rare milestone; he raised almost $10,000 more than his Democratic opponent, Robert Stokes. Schlackman is an IT worker who runs a small company that manages software systems in Baltimore schools. A fixture in Baltimore’s organizing community, he has succeeded in uniting a number of the groups on Baltimore’s left in support of a campaign based on issues of housing, anti-racism, and workers’ rights.


Socialist International Congratulates António Guterres on Nomination as UN Secretary-General

Your editor is posting this link as bait for Trevor Loudon, Cliff Kincaid (both of whom deserve some credit for publicizing DSA) but most especially for the other more hysterical (e.g. Agenda 21 freakouts) conspiracy mongers. Watch for those blue helmets popping up in your back yard, folks; there’ll be roadblocks down the street. For everyone else, it’ll be of interest if Guterres makes a difference or if it’s “where you sit is where you stand.” Read about it HERE.


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