Cecily McMillan

168-3 DSA News

The Emancipation of Cecily McMillan

Sunday, November 6, 3 PM to 5 PM at the Seminary Co-op Bookstore, 5751 S. Woodlawn, Chicago: Author, activist, prison advocate, DSA member Cecily McMillan will give a talk on her new memoir and on her fight against mass incarceration, in conversation with Maya Schenwar, editor-in-chief of Truthout, sponsored by the City of Chicago Branch CDSA. MORE INFORMATION.

Election 2016!

Saturday, November 12, Noon at the NNU Conference Room (7th floor), 850 W. Jackson, Chicago: The November membership meeting will NOT be at the Chicago DSA office but at the NNU office. There will be an abbreviated business meeting at Noon, followed by a 1 PM forum on November’s election where we will be joined, via Skype, by Harold Meyerson for a discussion of: What happened in the 2016 election? Why did it happen? And what does it mean for politics going forward? MORE INFORMATION.

DSA in the News

compiled by Bob Roman

At Front Page Magazine (an extreme-right propaganda site, ICYDK), Mark Tapson interviews Trevor Loudon, and of course DSA comes up. Loudon also claims to have attended the national People’s Summit… Damn, now I regret not having gone. For a similar site, Aaron Bandler mentions DSA as Robert Creamer’s badge of evil at the Daily Wire. DSA also gets mentioned by Jerome Corsi in an article linking Robert Creamer and Hillary Clinton with another favorite conservative hate-object, Saul Alinsky, at World Net Daily. World Net Daily also promotes Trevor Loudon’s and Stephen Payne’s new video propaganda features, mentioning DSA by-the-by. Stephanie Block, resident Alinsky expert at Spero News, notes new leadership at Interfaith Worker Justice, mentioning DSA in case you still didn’t get it. ObamaCare is a gateway drug to socialized medicine, according to William Haupt (#3 & counting) at Watchdog.org, and DSA knew this all along. It’s a plan! On the other hand, Jim Tynen dismisses “democratic socialism” as basically misguided, using DSA as an example, at NC Capitol Connection.

Christopher Cook mentioned DSA eventually in a “what’s next” article at The Progressive. Bob Fitrakis interviewed DSA National Director Maria Svart along similar lines at Columbus Community Radio. David Olson also interviewed Maria Svart about “what’s next” at Medium (this will eventually be a chapter in a book).

DSA was an element of satire by “Anant Gururaj” at Northwestern Flipside. DSA also came up in an odd article about the Philadelphia 76ers by David Roth at Vice.

Daniel Nguyen examined socialism and Bernie Sanders, using DSA, at The Hofstra Chronicle.

Anonymous white-nationalist propaganda on campus provoked a response from YDS, according to Chris Anderson at Iowa State Daily.

Young Democratic Socialists

Before mid-terms rolled around, YDS had four new chapters. Read about them HERE.


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