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Day of Action Against the TPP:
November 17: Two actions in one day.

  • 2:30 PM — Rally at the Water Tower, 806 N. Michigan in Chicago then march to undisclosed corporate target. Questions or RSVP: Toby Chow or 260.224.1760.
  • 4 PM — Representative Mike Quigley: Which Side Are You On? Rally at the north end of Dickinson Park then march to Representative Quigley’s office at 4345 N. Milwaukee in Chicago. (Dickinson Park is a triangular park at Belle Plaine (4100 N.), Lavergne (5000 W.), and Dickinson, just west of Milwaukee. Questions: Tom Broderick.

Sponsors: National Nurses United, Food and Water Watch, Chicago Religious Leadership Network, The People’s Lobby and Chicago Democratic Socialists of America.

How Clinton Came to Oppose the TPP

With Clinton having come out against the TPP, it’s tempting to assume she will oppose its passage in the lame-duck session of Congress, post-election. At In These Times, Branko Marcetic examines her campaign staff’s wikileaked emails and finds:

What is striking about the Clinton campaign’s various discussions about her TPP stance is how little policy or principle came into the campaign’s decision-making. Advisers, supporters and staffers were overwhelmingly focused on the optics of Clinton’s shifting stance and the benefits — or drawbacks — they would face in terms of the voting public.

In the few emails that did consider policy implications as reasons to support or oppose the deal, almost none were about the most controversial elements of the deal, such as its potential impact on workers, its effect on access to affordable medicine and the possible loss of national sovereignty it heralded.

When Renteria sent Sullivan a highly critical report on the TPP by Michigan Rep. Sander Levin, a member of the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee, that “goes through why he’s against it and how TPP makes all the issues HRC cares about worse,” Sullivan’s only reaction was: “Tough stuff.” As Schwerin’s line that the TPP is “a very close call on the merits” suggests, Clinton’s staff — like her — believes in the benefits of TPP.



If you’ve not already voted, early or absentee, vote on November 8. In Illinois, polls open at 6 AM and close at 7 PM. It probably won’t change the world (though in this instance, who knows?), but what do you expect from less than a half hour’s work? Just do it.

Disgust Anger Trump
With apologies to the late Satoshi Kon

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