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DSA in the News

compiled by Bob Roman

The formation of a YDS student organization was covered by Jonah Dylan at The Daily Northwestern. MacKenzie Stuart interviewed Francis Fox Piven for Fordham Political Review, with DSA as part of Piven’s bio.

While DSA didn’t make it into the article by Stephen Young at the Dallas Observer, we did rate the photo, re: #NoDAPL (protesting, of course). An unsigned item at Dallas Voice mentioned DSA as one of the participating organization in an upcoming “prayer rally” against the DAPL.

In These Times, as part of its debate on “lesser evil”, posted a letter endorsed by 75 DSA members. In These Times also posted the DSA NPC statement from several weeks ago. Iowa State YDS chapter leader Kaleb Vanfosson spoke out against Hillary Clinton prior to a Sanders stump speech on her behalf; this was covered by Alex Hider at KTTS-FM, Stephanie Dube Dwilson at, Grayson Schmidt at the Ames Tribune, Shannon McCarty at Iowa State Daily, also right-wing sites: Michael Qazvini at the Daily Wire, Justin Baragona at Mediaite, Jim Treacher at The Daily Caller, Jessica Chasmar at The Washington Times, and Irving Chambers at American Journal Review. Right-wing bloggers reposted accounts from right-wing sites (though it was nowhere near the 2008 echo chamber), but the event was also part of articles about the election by Jon Queally at Common Dreams, Arit John at Bloomberg, David Weigel at The Washington Post, and James Hohman at The Washington Post. Some of the mainstream stories (Bloomberg in particular) were carried by other mainstream media, including, for example, The Chicago Tribune.

The then upcoming November election also gained DSA a mention by Jake Lahut in The Wesleyan Argus. Wesleying did a round-table discussion about the then upcoming election, including DSA. DSA got a mention in a Green / Libertarian article by Akriti Paracer at The Quint. DSA got a mention and Harold Meyerson quoted extensively by Eduardo Febbro at Pagina 12. Theresa Alt, as a member of Ithaca DSA, was quoted about the local Congressional contest by Drew Musto at The Cornell Daily Sun.

Margaret Butler of the University of Oregon YDS spoke at a post-election rally and march, according to Emily Olson at Daily Emerald. Emma Loop at BuzzFeed wrote up an election-watch party at the home of DSA member Sean Monahan. Morgana Visser mentioned DSA at the end at Medium as did Chelsea Fagan at The Financial Diet (she joined) and Christine Escobar at The Huffington Post. Violet Alexander mentioned DSA in an account of a post-election demonstration at The Odyssey Online. Camren Ward and Alex Gordon had an op-ed re: the election at The Daily Northwestern. Nik Heftman at Iowa State Daily included quotes from YDS’ Kaleb Vanfosson in an article about a “Not My President” rally. A follow-up meeting was also covered by Nik Heftman at Iowa State Daily.

DSA was also mentioned in a post-election article by Jason Brown at Patheos. Brendan O’Connor compiled a number of “Where Does the Left Go From Here” comments that included DSA at Jezebel. And an essay by Marley-Vincent Lindsey at The Society Pages (not what you think) included a hopeful mention of DSA.

Paul Kengor at The American Spectator included DSA in some conservative gloating over the election results. Matthew Vadum noted DSA’s fingerprints on anti-Trump demonstrations, but it’s mostly the fault of George Soros, at Lifezette.

Post-election guerrilla theater politics in Atlanta got a write-up plus photos and video for DSA in coverage by Deborah Tuff and Julie Wolfe at WXIA (this network account got echoed by several other TV stations). Natalie Rubion mentioned the same event (and DSA) in a post-election item for CBS, picked up by several TV stations including WGCL-TV. Cal Callaway and Deidra Dukes at the local Fox5atlanta also reported the story. Raisa Habersham reported the story for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Various rewrites of these articles have been showing up elsewhere, including parts of the right-wing echo chamber. At World Net Daily, Art Moore used the Metro Atlanta DSA action as a lead-in to an article about left-wing violence, including incitement to assassination.

CNN updated its bio file on Ed Asner, including DSA, and it got echoed all over the place.


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