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Changing the “Free Trade” Consensus in Europe

At Democratic Left, Tom Ladendorf begins:

In the not-too-distant past, support for so-called “free trade” from the mainstream of the Democratic and Republican parties was a foregone conclusion. But this year, the free-trade consensus has come into serious question. Both “outsider” candidates in the U.S. presidential election made a major point of opposing free trade because of its effects on the working class, driving this issue into the national debate in a way no one would have predicted. Following Trump’s election, many are presuming the much-discussed Trans-Pacific Partnership dead — although it remains to be seen whether Trump will actually deliver on any of his supposed “economic populism.”

In Europe, too, the consensus on free trade is facing serious challenges. Massive political pressure has been building in opposition to three trade deals, respectively known as TTIP, Ceta, and TISA. Actually, with the help of the organized opposition, that number appears to have fallen to just two. TTIP, which seeks to harmonize regulations between the US and EU, has “de facto failed,” according to German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel. In the end, the two parties couldn’t unite on what the transatlantic standard of regulation would be, apparently because Europe refused to submit to lower American standards of regulation.


Free Oscar Lopez Rivera

Oscar López Rivera is the longest-held Puerto Rican political prisoner in U.S. history. Supporters are petitioning President Obama for his release:

President Obama, Throughout your presidential term, the people of Puerto Rico, our politicians, political parties, media, celebrities, teachers, writers, journalists, workers, have united behind one common cause: the freedom of Oscar López Rivera. Rivera has been imprisoned for more than 34 years, many of those years in solitary confinement. Whatever your stance into his wrongdoing, we can safely conclude he has done his time. He does not pose a threat, and he deserves to be home with his family to live in peace the rest of his years.

Please, President Obama, do what is right and release Oscar López Rivera before your term ends. With the election results, now more than ever, we need you to hear the voice and plead of the Puerto Rican people.


Misgivings at Thanksgiving: Standing with Standing Rock

At Religious Socialism, Rev. M. Lara Hoke writes:

…Once again, federal authorities are treating the Sioux as a people who need to be subdued and conquered.

The pipeline that threatens to go through the Standing Rock Sioux’s heritage lands, endangering their water supply, was originally supposed to go through Bismarck, ND. Bismarck residents were not happy and had it rerouted because of the potential danger that it posed to that city’s water supply. This clear case of environmental racism poses danger to the Standing Rock Sioux.


What Women Used Before They Could Use the Law

At N+1 Magazine, Alex Ronan provides:

…an incomplete inventory of methods and means to abortion — undertaken with varying levels of success and the ever-present possibility of death — in America before the passage of Roe v. Wade.



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