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Only One Thing Can Save Us:
Unions and a Democratic Society

Talkin’ Socialism Episode 71, recorded 05.08.2015 at the 57th Annual Debs – Thomas – Harrington Dinner in Chicago. Tom Geoghegan argues that even as the U.S. labor movement crumbles, a revived but different labor movement is crucial to building a democratic society. How might that be done? Geoghegan has some suggestions and he notes: Disruption works.

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DSA 3 ArrowsDSA in the News

compiled by Bob Roman

Not all Greens are watermelons, as demonstrated by a risible essay by Lorna Salzman at New English Review, that includes DSA. The American Enterprise Institute’s Ramesh Ponnuru mentioned DSA in an education article at Bloomberg View. And because it’s AEI, Ponnuru’s article got echoed, some, around the web, including the Chicago Tribune. An article covering a White-supremacist conference in DC, by Hannah Gais at The Washington Spectator, included DSA among the opposing protesters. This was picked up elsewhere, including Newsweek. Blacklists have been a favored tool of the Right for a long long time. Peter Dreier reviews a new list that includes him, and mentions DSA, at The American Prospect. (Your editor suspects they’ll take down any individual entry when confronted with a lawyerly demand letter, but better than that would be a class action lawsuit.)

DSA was mentioned at the end of an election despair article by the editors of N+1.

David Michael Smith listed DSA as among the cosponsors for an anti-white supremacist demonstration at Texas A&M University at The Monitor. YDS’ Ross Lasker was quoted with respect to his participation in #NoDAPL in North Dakota by Keegan Kearney at Iowa State Daily. Peter Zillmer, president of University of Wisconsin Stevens Point YDS, was quoted opining about Trump’s cabinet choices in an article by Wesley Hortenbach at The Pointer.

YDS was recognized as a student organization by the Princeton Undergraduate Student Government according to Samuel Oh at The Princetonian.

DSA was a focus and DSA members quoted in a global post-election article by Abi Wilkinson at New Statesman. DSA was mentioned as one of the beneficiaries of Team Bernie New York’s disbanding at Newsday’s Daily Point. DSA was a major focus of a post-election survey of socialists by Jared Brey at Philadelphia Magazine. An attack on Jill Stein’s recount effort gets DSA a mention by Brenden Gallagher at Merry Jane. Dan Arel mentioned DSA in the context of left disunity at The Hill. Anti-Trump protests got DSA mentioned by Donald McCarthy at Paste Magazine. Advice from Turkey by Justus Links on how to survive the Trumpocalypse mentioned DSA at Open Democracy. Want to fight Trumpism? DSA is one of several places to be in New York, according to David Colon at Gothamist. DSA is also making lists, including a 5 fun things list at Gothamist compiled by Scott Heins and 5 things you can do to resist Trump by Dan Arel at Patheos.

Democratic socialism and DSA was the focus of an article by Jake Johnson at Common Dreams.

Dana M. Nichols’ obituary for Michael Israel included his role in DSA at Calaveras Enterprise.

Peter Frase was interviewed by John Light about Frase’s Four Futures book at Moyers & Company, and DSA got a mention.

We’re Multiplying

The City of Chicago Branch CDSA is dividing into separate Northside and Southside branches.


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