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DSA in the News

compiled by Bob Roman

Metro Atlanta DSA projected a series of fight back messages on to Atlanta buildings, again, and 11Alive (an NBC affiliate) couldn’t resist. DSA is a credential for an internal Democratic Party election at Pasadena Weekly. DSA is among the groups meeting to plan collaboration in opposition to Trump, according to Shanna Grove at KOMU. Solidarity in the face of Trump was also on the agenda according to a report by Katie England at Daily Herald (Provo, UT), including a quote from Utah DSA’s Charles Nuckolls.

DSA got mentioned at Mel Magazine in “5 People Committed to Making 2017 Suck Less” by Steven Blum. Kanyakrit Vongkiatkajorn mentioned DSA in surveying anti-inaugural activities in DC and the nation at Mother Jones. So did Gabriella Paiella, who put together a guide to NYC inauguration protests at New York Magazine. Gosh! We are so in fashion. Today. The article was really about Socialist Alternative, but Antonio Planas at Boston Herald did manage to mention DSA in connection with an anti-inaugural demonstration. (Is this a pattern? See Tanveer Ali’s article at DNAInfo.)

DSA was among the groups sponsoring a demonstration in favor of a $15/hr minimum wage in New Jersey, according to Joan Verdon at The Record. Sarah Fentem noted DSA was among the groups organizing a 1,000 strong protest in Indianapolis against repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) at WVIK (radio); the story was picked up other stations, but also the Congressional Black Caucus. DSA didn’t make Jeremy Fox’s story on an ACA repeal protest but we did make the photo at The Boston Globe.

Danielle DeCourcey notes criticism of Senator Sanders by his left-wing supporters, including DSA, at attn:. Also at attn:, DeCourcey notes DSA’s rapid growth as a reaction to Trump’s election. The intersection of the personal and the political includes DSA, at least for Daniel Pope at Loam Magazine. Also including DSA, Julia Mead explain’s the end of socialism as a fear word for millennials at The Nation.

Katy Grimes and Megan Barth imagine themselves channeling Paul Revere: The Mexicans are coming, and so is DSA! at Reagan Baby (talk radio). Tim Higginbotham and Matthew Burgoon of DSA provide a reply to a slightly unhinged Alaska State Senator Pete Kelly on the subject of socialism at Alaska Commons. Kevin Mooney mentions DSA in a discussion of left-wing plans (financed by George Soros!) to disrupt the Trump inauguration at The Daily Signal. I’m not sure The Daily Signal deserves a mention as news, however.

Equally dubious as news: WND, where an unsigned article attacking Congressman John Lewis included a dossier of his past association with the left, including DSA, as did Matthew Vandum at the misnamed American Thinker, though at least he didn’t find a way of including George Soros. At the John Birch Society’s The New American, Steve Byas also included DSA in his attack on Lewis.

DSA was also mentioned, in passing, as part of the John Lewis v. Donald Trump discussion by Marisa Fox-Bevilacqua at Haaretz.


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