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Chicago DSA Facebook Group

The Chicago DSA branches (and DSA members from elsewhere in Illinois plus maybe even friends of DSA) have a new Facebook Group. A Facebook Group is Facebook’s equivalent of an old internet / web venue, the message board. The main differences are that you do need a Facebook account to participate and it does look like… Facebook. This is a closed Group, meaning you need to be approved to join. It’s HERE.

North Side CDSA branch education summit
North Side CDSA branch education summit. Photo by Ryne Poelker.

(Political) Education Summit

On February 8, Northside Chicago CDSA held a follow up to the highly successful January 28th Introduction to Democratic Socialism workshop. The Education Summit was held at the Lincoln Park Presbyterian Church, the event drew at least as many attendees as earlier event.

No Ban! No Wall! DSA Builds Activist Response to Trump’s Actions

Congratulations to all of those in local DSA chapters who have participated in the demonstrations at airports and immigration offices. Our next step is to increase our efforts and effectiveness by coordinating this work…

DSA’s Anti-Racism Working Group (ARWG) has been preparing for this assault, and we invite you to join us in this urgent effort.

A steering committee of the ARWG has developed two projects and intends to develop more.  Current projects include national committees on (1) Immigrant Rights and Solidarity and (2) Anti-Islamophobia / Police Brutality Subcommittee. Additional committees are in the planning stages.



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