Minimum Wage Bill

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Raise the Minimum Wage

The stagnant minimum wage in Illinois, stuck at $8.25 per hour, is holding back our economy. More than 40% of all workers in Illinois earn less than $15 per hour, including 46% of women, 48% of African Americans, and 61% of Latinos. Raising the wage floor in Illinois to $15 per hour would benefit the future of 2.3 million workers. It would be a historic economic stimulus for our communities, from Carbondale to the Quad Cities. $15 would revive our middle-class by keeping billions of dollars in the Illinois economy, putting more money in working families pockets immediately, and creating tens of thousands of family-supporting jobs. EVERYONE would benefit.

SIGN THE PETITION. (Legislation is pending introduction, more HERE and HERE.)

Keep Illinois Working

We count on public service workers in state government to keep us safe, protect kids, care for veterans and people with disabilities, protect the environment, help those in need and much more. Child protection workers, caregivers, correctional officers, emergency responders and other public service workers have a right to a voice on the job through their union. They use that voice to advocate for all of us — for better public services, for fair treatment on the job, and for fair pay and affordable health care. But Governor Rauner is making extreme demands that would harm public services, strip the rights of workers to have a voice, and drive down their middle class standard of living.

State employees are willing to do their part. But in January, Rauner walked away from the bargaining table and has refused to even meet with the union ever since. Just like he’s holding the state budget hostage, Rauner walks away whenever he doesn’t get his way.

Tell the governor to drop his unreasonable demands, come back to the bargaining table and negotiate fairly with the public service workers who keep Illinois working. SIGN THE PETITION.

Trump’s War on Dissent

Noted civil liberties attorney Flint Taylor writes:

On the heels of the much ballyhooed meeting that an obsequious Donald Trump conducted this week with local law enforcement officials from across the country, the president titillated the gendarmes with a threat to destroy — COINTELPRO style — an unnamed Texas state senator rumored to be introducing legislation to prevent law enforcement from financing police operations by seizing arrestees’ property before they have been found guilty in a court of law. On Thursday, Trump followed up with an executive order that gave the recently confirmed Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions a carte blanche to bring down the wrath of the federal government on anyone who is unfortunate enough to have a confrontation with a cop, a prison guard, a border patrol officer or who knows who else outfitted with a badge and carrying a gun.

At first blush, the order could be seen simply as a wildly unpopular president playing macho man to our nation’s police departments and their reactionary police unions. The unions have been chafing over being curbed by the previous administration’s Department of Justice (DOJ), which, by means of pattern-or-practice investigations and consent decrees, started to put the brakes on racist police violence. On its face, Trump’s new order looks like much bluster, with no enforcement mechanisms. Many of the provisions will need to be passed by Congress, receive funding and ultimately, pass constitutional muster — a hurdle that the authoritarian Trump administration, with its white supremacist hatchet men at the helm, seems unwilling to pay even a trifling respect.



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