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171-2 DSA in the News

compiled by Bob Roman

There continues to be a celebrity (famous for being famous) element to the news media coverage of DSA in this report but the fact is: DSA is involved in a lot of interesting stuff at all levels of politics. News coverage is beginning to be more reflective of this. DSA’s involvement in local elections has gathered more coverage than it probably deserves. On the other hand, DSA’s involvement in the People’s Climate March didn’t seem to get much attention outside of right-wing blogs. May Day brought out the scribes, understandably, including the dedication of the honorary Lucy Gonzalez Parsons Way. Yet considering how DSA has de-emphasized campus organizing, we’ve continued to get considerable coverage of YDS campus actions. There are more than five dozen links in this late April report.

In These Times featured a conversation between Chris Maisano and Jessie Mannisto about socialism and electoral politics. Daniel Marans noted the election victories of DSA members khalid kamau in South Fulton, Georgia, and Dylan Parker in Rock Island, Illinois, at The Huffington Post. Mike Elk at Pay Day Report profiled a number of labor-oriented local election campaigns around the south, including DSA’s role with khalid kamau. Heidi Groover’s “SLOG” column at The Stranger noted khalid kamau’s victory and DSA. John Nichols wrote up DSA’s role in elections at The Nation. Attempting granularity, Jimmy Tobias at The Nation began a monthly survey of urban resistance to Trumpism that included DSA member Dylan Parker’s election win in Rock Island. Fox21 (KQDS) carried a report by Lena Takada on the city council candidate screening Duluth DSA is a part of. A brief report on the same was carried by Lyanne Valdez at WBNG.

Dev Thimmisetty wrote about UTD students and recent grads involved in electoral politics at The Mercury, and DSA got a mention. At the UT Daily Beacon, Libby Dayhuff reported on a panel discussion on electoral politics with panelists from YDS and DSA.

Bernie Sanders is a miserable sell-out in the DSA tradition, sez Andrew Stewart at Counterpunch then Andrew Stewart goes on about it, so there. Is DSA the future of the left? Looks like it, opines Nathan Newman at The Huffington Post. At Mother Jones, Tim Murphy agrees that socialism and DSA are cool. Again. Thank you, Trump. Claire Levenson agrees at the French edition of Slate. More than resistance, DSA gives people something to believe in, according to Jake Johnson at Paste Magazine. Josh Delk and Paul Kengor at The American Spectator can’t believe it, however: It’s all Trumped up. DSA got a mention in New York Magazine’s “Beyond Alt: Understanding the New Far Right” (there’s also an “alt-left”.) Thom Hartmann interviewed DSA’s Ryan Mosgrove.

Seattle Weekly put together a guide to Seattle’s new left; DSA did get a mention. A broad national look at the anti-Trump movement by Peter Dreier at The American Prospect included a paragraph about DSA.

Talon Delaney covered a debate between YDS and Turning Point USA at Iowa State Daily. There was another debate between YDS and Turning Point USA at Georgetown University, covered by Nicholas Elliot at Georgetown Review.

Frankie Benitez profiled the University of Oregon YDS chapter at The Daily Emerald. YDS had a couple of paragraphs and photos in Nina Sheridan’s report on an Activities Fair at The Princetonian. Samantha Friskey used DSA as an identifier in covering a “join the resistance” panel  at The Daily Pennsylvanian. Dave Huber excerpted and commented on that article at The College Fix.

The Daily Emerald carried a report by Francisca Benitez on an upcoming die-in protesting war in Syria wherein YDS got a mention. The die-in was covered with YDS as the organizers by Brady Wakayama at KEZI.

The Princetonian posted a letter from the university chapter of YDS demanding specific changes in the way university employees are treated. The letter was followed up by a march and rally organized by YDS, reported Claire Thornton at The Princetonian. The demonstration got written up by Francesca Billington at Princeton Alumni Weekly. The Chattanoogan quoted UTC YDS leader Ellie Newell with regard to outsourcing work done by university employees. Michelle at Wesleying mentioned YDS as one of the primary organizers of a hunger strike in protest against management stalling in contract negotiations with Yale graduate students.

DSA made it into the photo caption in an article about the affordable housing crisis in California by Michael Mott at Sacramento News & Review. DSA was a member of a coalition protesting Trump housing cuts according to Black Star News.

At The Atlantic, Robinson Meyer noted DSA’s participation in the “big tent” strategy of the Climate March.

DSA was mentioned in passing in an essay about the relevance of May Day by Dave Anderson at Boulder Weekly. Natasha Abner’s preview of the upcoming May Day “Day without Immigrants” in Newark included DSA among the sponsors at Atlantic Highlands Herald. Chicago DSA put out a press release, picked up at eNews Park Forest, but Miles Kampf-Lassin at The Chicago Reader also included Chicago DSA among the groups participating in Chicago’s May Day. YDS is among the organizations bringing May Day to the University of Maryland, reported Leah Brennan at The Diamondback. Leah Brennan at The Diamondback also covered the resulting demonstration. Emma Whitford at The Gothamist surveyed upcoming May Day demonstrations in New York, including one planned by DSA in support of B&H employees. Westword included a DSA event in its survey of May Day events as did KDVR. DSA was among the organizations in the upcoming May Day march Las Vegas, according to KTNV. Fifi Abdul-Malik mentioned DSA in an essay explaining May Day at The Ghana Guardian. Linda Cook at Quad Cities Times used a DSA meeting to explain May Day. Alex Stone at ABC radio news mentioned DSA in his coverage of U.S. observances of May Day, as in this example at WRTA. Rachel Kurzius quoted a DSA member in coverage of Washington’s May Day march at DCist. Patrick Strickland gave DSA several paragraphs in coverage of May Day events across the U.S. at Al Jazeera. DSA’s Ryan Mosgrove was quoted in a report on May Day carried by KVRR. Taylor Polson mentioned DSA in an account of the local May Day demonstration at Honolulu Star Advertiser. An account of the Los Angeles May Day appeared as an editorial at The Independent (UK). DSA got several mentions in Nick Pinto’s May Day account at The Village Voice.

Mina Bloom at DNAinfo reported that Leonard Pierce represented DSA at the official unveiling of an honorary “Lucy Gonzalez Parsons Way” along Kedzie from Emmett to Addison in Chicago.

Josh Nathan-Kazis covered a May Day strike at B&H Photo Video’s warehouse for The Forward, noting DSA’s supportive participation.

A protest in support of immigrant rights disrupted an education conference, gaining applause from conference participants and DSA a mention in a report by Ryan Leou at Daily Bruin.

Anna Merriman at nj.com reported on YDS’ participation in an anti-hate speech rally at Princeton University. YDS got a mention in a Richmond Times-Dispatch regarding Cornell University and free speech.

Sarah Jaffe’s interview with Renata Pumarol at In These Times mentioned DSA.

Sam Adler-Bell mentioned DSA in passing in a review of Smucker’s “Hegemony How-To” at New Republic.

For the Indivisible blog at Medium, Patrick Cochran wrote up a universal health care demonstration in Boston, listing DSA among the organizers.

DSA is pro-Russian, opined Henry Dykstal at The Lawrentian.

Dan McQuade mentioned DSA, in passing, in an anthology of pot jokes at Deadspin. DSA got a mention in Shaun Scott’s essay on comedy and politics at City Arts.

DSA got mentioned in Jonny Coleman’s account of LA’s Labor Choir at LA Weekly.

Kate Arnoff mentioned DSA in passing while engaging in schadenfreude over wealthy screw-ups at In These Times.

DSA was among the organizations at a press conference regarding a seriously dubious (gassing a 5 year old?) Birmingham, Alabama, police action, according to Michael Clark at WIAT. Carol Robinson at AL.COM also mentioned DSA in her account of the press conference. Mo Barnes mentioned DSA in his report on the incident at Rollingout. Laura Burnip wrote up the incident for The Sun (UK), mentioning DSA. Darla Guillen included a quote from Eric Hall in an account at Houston Chronicle. All this got some play among various bigot blogs, as you might expect.


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