Beyond Resistance: A Way Forward

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Beyond Resistance: A Way Forward

The 2017 Debs — Thomas — Harrington Dinner is coming up soon, Friday, May 19. We have two honorees whose work deserves your recognition: Larry Cohen, past President of the Communication Workers of America, and Adriana Alvarez, a rank-and-file organizer and public spokesperson for the Fight for 15. We have a great speaker to tie it all together: Alderman Carlos Ramirez Rosa. And finally, if you find the information below to be useful, Chicago DSA could seriously use your help. If you haven’t already gotten your tickets, a printable PDF flyer with more information is HERE. You can also order your tickets online HERE.

Intro to democratic socialism

Introduction to Democratic Socialism

Sunday, May 7, 1:30 PM @ Homewood Public Library, 17917 Dixie Highway, Homewood. What do we mean by “democratic socialism?”  How does it compare to what Bernie Sanders talked about during his presidential campaign? What do democratic socialists have to say about capitalism in the world today? Why do we think it is a form of society that must be replaced? And what might that replacement look like?

The event is free but space is limited. Please RSVP HERE.

A Chicago DSA May Day

DSA’s Leonard Pierce joined 35th Ward Alderman Carlos Ramirez Rosa and Illinois Labor History Society President Larry Spivack and others in honoring Lucy Parsons with an honorary street name.

The dedication ceremony was one of several morning and rallies that fed into a mass rally and march beginning at Union Park on Chicago’s near west side. Despite being the temporary location of the Haymarket Square free speech monument and statues of Governor Altgeld (who pardoned the surviving Haymarket martyrs) and James Connolly (Irish marxist and nationalist, executed by the British), the park is actually named in honor of our side of the U.S. Civil War: the Federal Union. The park has become, however, the starting point for many left and labor rallies and marches, including this May Day.

The 2017 May Day march and rallies drew over 20,000 participants:

May Day in Chicago
Photo by Christine Geovanis
May Day in Chicago
Photo by Christine Geovanis
May Day in Chicago
Photo via Northside Chicago branch CDSA
May Day in Chicago
The banner in the foreground is Chicago DSA’s original parade banner making its first public appearance in decades. It’s a bit worn, but it looks great in the photo. Photo via Southside Chicago branch CDSA.

The Bowletariats

The Bowletariats

Chicago DSA’s bowling team in the Chicago Abortion Fund fundraising campaign placed 4th in the amount raised among the nearly three dozen teams entered. Their total was $4,294.68. We’ve been unable to learn how they did in actual bowling… The campaign raised over $55,000 over all when the goal had been $35,000.

Uniting to Build a Socialist Feminist Movement

A May 1, 2017, statement of the National Political Committee of Democratic Socialists of America begins:

Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is committed to socialist feminist organizing, knowing that capitalism is built upon male supremacy and white supremacy. One of the most critical feminist issues is reproductive justice, including not just birth control and abortion but also childbearing and childrearing. DSA also understands that abortion access is an economic issue, that poor and working-class people and people of color in particular experience limited access to reproductive healthcare, from the very limited access to care for rural patients to mandatory waiting periods that force people to lose work and stay in a costly hotel, to the high cost of the care itself.



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