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Trumpcare Must Not Pass the Senate
A May 5, 2017, statement by DSA’s National Political Committee notes:

DSA will work to pressure Senators to reject the House bill and to refuse to pass a substitute bill that would overturn the ACA, as DSA realizes that the ACA imperfectly expands health care coverage to millions. But given the inefficiency and vulnerability of the ACA, DSA will also redouble our efforts to create state single-payer systems (i.e., state-level versions of “Medicare for All”) wherever possible, particularly in blue states, including California, New York, New Jersey and Minnesota. We will join with others to build a mass movement for “Medicare for All,” a movement capable of electing those truly committed to “health care for all” to state legislatures and Congress.


Labor 101
On Saturday, May 13, the Labor Working Group organized a “Labor 101” seminar at the United Electrical Workers hall for members and friends who’ve not been a member of a union or have had little direct contact with unions. The 100 minute event was live-streamed on Facebook, but you can still watch the event:

Democratic Socialism 101
On Sunday, May 7, Chicago DSA held another introduction to democratic socialism workshop at the Homewood Public Library in southern Cook County. Compared to the first, held on Chicago’s near west side, it was lightly attended, but it was accompanied by a fair amount of free publicity. Thanks to Bob Reilly for hosting this event. Now there is talk of organizing a fourth Chicago DSA branch in south suburban Cook County.

Q&A with Will Guzzardi
On Wednesday, May 3, the Northside Chicago Branch CDSA hosted State Representative Will Guzzardi at the Bucktown – Wicker Park library for a discussion of electoral politics in Chicago and the Illinois General Assembly, including the unfortunate role that money plays in being a candidate.

Canvassing for an Elected School Board
DSA helped organize a canvass of voters in Senator John Cullerton’s district in favor of legislation establishing an elected school board for Chicago. Cullerton is not in favor of this legislation, and as President of the Illinois Senate, his opinion counts for a great deal. Nearly three dozen turned out to do this work, contacting several hundred of his constituents. You can follow up by calling his office at 773.883.0770 to let him know your opinion.


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