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DSA in the News

compiled by Bob Roman

Ellot Nelson wrote a “socialism is hot” article for The Huffington Post, focusing on DSA, accompanied by a Now This video about DSA. The article got a fair number of quick echoes on other sites. Socialism? It’s not just Bernie, observed Conor Lynch at Salon, but DSA and a lot more. And of course there’s Sam Speedy, the rose emoji and DSA at Mashable. The prospect of a Phoenix DSA chapter was the lead-in for a DSA profile by Christopher Silavong at Arizona PBS’ Cronkite News. (That report got picked up by a number of Arizona media sites.) DSA’s growth was used as a prop in an argument by Nathaniel Owen at Progressive Army. Sarah Leonard also used DSA as a prop in her argument with Tim Shenk at Dissent.

Tyler Hawn wrote a brief item for CBS19 in Charlottesville about Ross Mittiga running for Virginia’s House of Delegates with “the support of the Democratic Socialists of America…”. Heidi Groover’s coverage of the upcoming municipal elections in Seattle included DSA at the Stranger. Steven Hsieh mentioned DSA in passing in covering Nikkita Oliver’s campaign for Mayor of Seattle at the Stranger. Ryan Deto at Pittsburgh City Paper included DSA’s endorsements in coverage of the primary elections results in Allegheny County. In Philadelphia, Larry Krasner’s campaign for the district attorney nomination got DSA a passing mention from Justin Thomas at WRNB as it did from Kim Bellware at The Huffington Post. Ben Jacobs at The Guardian noted the presence of a DSA t-shirt at a rally for Rob Quist, candidate for Congress in Montana. Michael Tracey interviewed Rob Quist supporters prior to the Montana election, including a discussion with Ben Hahn about DSA in Montana at TYT. That interview was mentioned (along with DSA) by Jasper Craven in a write up about Sanders and the Quist campaign at VT Digger. At Seattle Patch, Neal McNamara’s interview with Seattle mayorial candidate Cary Moon included a mention of a DSA candidate survey. Shaun Scott at City Arts also mentioned the DSA candidate survey. Seattle mayoral candidate Nikkita Oliver was endorsed by DSA, according to Neal McNamara at Seattle Patch. At Bham Now, JH Daniel noted candidate Robin Rains’ DSA affiliation in coverage of the Birmingham City Council 4th District race.

A town hall meeting intended to educate Pittsburgh Congressman Dom Acosta, a Democrat, got DSA a mention in a report by Sarah Anne Hughes at The Incline.

The Telegraph-Herald carried a press release from Dubuque DSA about an upcoming Medicare for All rally. Jessica Reilly’s coverage of the rally at the Telegraph-Herald is behind a pay-wall. KMEG had a brief item of a Medicare for All rally in Sioux City, Iowa, organized by DSA and ADA. Theo Anderson’s essay on the cross-partisan appeal of national health insurance featured quotes from Trump supporters and DSA activists at In These Times. Kaitlyn Greenidge interviewed Stephanie Kollgaard and Nichole Van Beek about the campaign for a single-payer health insurance in New York, including a mention of DSA’s work, for Lenny Letter. David Colon at Gothamist also mentioned DSA’s involvement in the campaign for universal healthcare in New York.

DSA was not in Nadia Prupis’ essay on Trump’s proposed budget at Common Dreams, but a DSA protest was the illustrating photo.

eNews Park Forest carried a press release re: People’s Summit that mentioned DSA. A Charlottesville People’s Summit is organized by DSA, among others, according to a press release at Augusta Free Press and a brief notice at The Daily Progress.

David Wharton at the Los Angeles Times noted DSA’s NOlympics LA coalition is growing, albeit small potatoes from a mainstream politics perspective. Clara Herzberg gave DSA a mention in her account of NOlympics LA at Truth-Out. (DSA and the NOlympics LA campaign actually got a favorable mention from the conservative blog American Thinker.) The NOlympics LA coalition staged its first public protest, covered by David Wharton at Los Angeles Times, who also mentioned DSA.

Los Angeles Times reporters Matt Hamilton and Richard Winton report that ICE had arrested DSA member Claudia Rueda in what appears to be retaliation immigrant rights activism and for advocacy on behalf of her mother. Jessica McBride relied heavily on a Los Angeles DSA press release in her coverage of the issue at Heavy. “Assemblyman” Tim Donnelly got into the Rueda act at Breitbart. Julia Wick covered a protest on Rueda’s behalf at LAist, including DSA’s statement. Boyle Heights Beat also covered the Rueda arrest, referencing DSA’s statement. Araceli Cruz wrote up the arrest for mitu.

At Shadowproof, Roqayah Chamseddine mentioned DSA in an essay about the fallacy of ‘good immigrants’ vs. ‘bad immigrants.’ Sonseeahray Tonsall at KTXL Fox40 noted a DSA demonstration in support of two construction workers detained by ICE. DSA is a part of the effort to make Troy, NY, a sanctuary community, according to Kenneth C. Crowe II at Times-Union. DSA was also listed in Mark Robarge’s account at the Troy Record of the Troy, NY, demonstration.

DSA was mentioned in Scott Thomas Anderson’s coverage at Sacramento News & Review of the campaign for rent control in Sacramento.

Emma Whitford at Gothamist mentioned DSA in connection with the latest developments in the Bedford-Union Armory controversy. Patrick Kearns at Brooklyn Downtown Star mentioned DSA in connection with the Bedford-Union Armory story.

Casey Quinlan at The Establishment opines that DSA is pretty open for women, compared to much of the rest of the left. George Zornick’s coverage of Center for American Progress’ elite “Ideas Conference” included a by-way-of-contrast mention of DSA at The Nation.

Elizabeth Comiskey at The Torch wrote up DSA’s Twitter campaign against budget cuts at Lane Community College. A KVAL report mentioned DSA’s participation in a protest against University of Oregon’s 10.6% tuition hike. The accompanying photo gallery and online version of the broadcast included glimpses of a YDS banner. Brady Wakayama at KEZI gave YDS explicit credit for organizing the protest.

A progressive income tax for Seattle? DSA was mentioned as one of the instigators at KIRO7.

Samantha Matsumoto quoted DSA’s Cari Luna in her coverage of planned Portland anti-hate demonstrations at The Oregonian.

Jacob Tutterow interviewed DSA’s Milton Tambor in an article for The Chant.

DSA got a passing mention by Nagisa Tsukada at The Inquirer. We also got a passing mention from Virginia Alvino Young at WESA.

A write-up by David E.Y. Sarna of a lecture by Ruth R. Wisse got DSA a bemused mention at Jewish Link of New Jersey.

Matt Butler mentioned DSA in passing in a history of urban sprawl in Tompkins County at ithaca.com. Taylor Fogarty noted the Left Forum’s DSA roots at The Federalist.


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