DSA 2017 National Convention

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Save the Date

The Democratic Socialists of America’s 2017 convention will be held in Chicago from August 3-6. We anticipate this to be DSA’s largest convention ever! DSA has more members than ever before and is now the third largest socialist organization in United States history. At this event, we’ll have interactive workshops, educational panels, resolution debates, elect a new national leadership, and much more!


Meet the New DSA

New Chicago DSA
L-R: Leonard Pierce, Clara Alcott, Ramsin Canon, Dele Balogun

Chicago DSA has staggered two year terms for its officers, but add in two vacancies among the officer positions and you have nearly a whole new crew selected at the June 17 membership convention. The meeting was held in the historic United Electrical Workers Hall at 37 S. Ashland in Chicago. Clara Alcott was elected female co-chair. Leonard Pierce was elected male co-chair. Hope Payton-Carrillo was elected secretary. Dele Balogun and Ramsin Canon will share the political education officer position (but only one vote). Peg Strobel remains as treasurer, that term ending next June.

The Executive Committee itself will be rather larger than that, with possibly as many as 14 representatives from the 3 branches in addition to the officers. This will make the Chicago DSA office not a particularly practical location for Executive Committee meetings.

Bob Roman will be taking a sabbatical from politics.

DSA in the News

compiled by Bob Roman

The “socialism is cool” and “American socialism, isn’t that remarkable” themes (in other words, DSA being famous for being famous) are finally subsiding though there are still a few instances. I’ve been waiting for it: This June has brought the first conservative media attack of any consequence on DSA as the Virginia shootings made left-wing terrorism plausible for the first time in decades. On the other hand, the People’s Summit and various off-year elections generated considerably more press for DSA, and equal to those two were a steady trickle of stories of local DSA actions on a variety of issues. It amounted to an impressive portfolio, especially since a few were wire service reports that were carried in a wide number of outlets. There are well over five dozen links in this report. CLICK HERE.


Net Neutrality Is Essential to Online Democracy

A statement by DSA’s National Political Committee, posted June 20, begins:

In May of this year, the Federal Communications Commission voted in favor of dismantling one of the fundamental tenets of an open Internet: net neutrality. Enacted in 2015, net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers (ISPs) should allow users equal access to all online content and applications regardless of the source. It classifies broadband as a utility, thus preventing providers such as Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T from accelerating traffic to preferred sites (that is, sites that pay extra, are affiliated with them, or that they find politically savory) or obstructing traffic to sites they deem unfavorable.


Rose Radio

Podcasts are all the rage. DSA is all the rage. Put them together, and you get: Rose Radio. The first episode is always free.

Solidarity Fund

Contribute to South Side CDSA’s “Solidarity Fund” and get two really cool buttons. CLICK HERE.

Anti-Act for America 2017
Chicago DSA members protest Act for America’s anti-Muslim demonstration, June 10, 2017.

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