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Chanukah and Class Struggle
At Religious Socialism, Ilan Fuchs writes:

Chanukah is probably the best-known Jewish festival among non-Jews. In the spirit of a multicultural society it is mentioned along side other holidays celebrated in America. Unfortunately it is mostly presented as a Jewish opportunity for consumerism, one more reason to spend money many people do not have and give presents to people who do not really need or want more things.

It might be a surprise for many readers to learn that the celebration is commemorating a very different sentiment — that of freedom from oppression — both from external enemies but also from internal economic oppression….


Democratic Socialism

What Is Democratic Socialism?
For several years either side of the turn of the century, Dissent Magazine became… uncomfortable with the label “socialist”. They haven’t quite gotten over it, but well before even the Great Recession, they began once again to give the matter some serious attention. Apropos the Bernie Sanders campaign, the editors have dug into the archives and pulled out an interesting selection of essays spanning the years 1954 through 2010. You can find it HERE.

The folks at Jacobin provided a similar exercise, but directed specifically at Sander’s speech defining his outlook on democratic socialism. You can find it HERE.