Immigrant Ban Protests

by Chelsea Anderson
At around 6PM on Saturday, January 28th, a contingent of the Chicago DSA turned out to O’hare airport for a protest against Trump’s unconstitutional Muslim ban. O’hare was one of many international airports where green card holders, those with visas, and refugees were detained for hours. The protest lasted for several hours as protesters demanded the release of the detainees, who were under threat of being sent away from their families and from safety. A huge group stood outside Terminal 5, chanting “Let them in!” and other DSA @ O'Hare Airport demonstrationslogans, while inside the terminal volunteer lawyers gathered to try and help the people being detained. Chicago DSA was proud to stand alongside the hundreds of people who came to rally for the rights of middle eastern immigrants and against injustice. These demonstrations were called by Arab American Action Network and supported by a broad spectrum of groups and individuals, including just about every Democratic politician in Chicago with ambitions. There have been protests each day since the ban went into effect.