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171-1 DSA in the News

compiled by Bob Roman

The press seems to be getting over its fascination with the modest rise of socialism in America, or perhaps everyone with the least bit of interest in it has heard the story at least once. Thus we’re starting to see detail work, profiles of individuals and local organizations. This is actually an easy way down from DSA’s celebrity status. Some folks have a much harder time of it. It is nice, though, that if we’re involved in an issue today, we’re likely to be given at least a mention. That’s not something we could have expected two years ago. 28 links in this semi-monthly report:

DSA (and its members) was profiled by Kara Clark at Newest York. Ian Ringgenberg reported on organizing by the Twin Cities DSA chapter at Southside Pride. Pat Riehle at KKFI’s “Radio Active Magazine” interviewed four local members of DSA. Lilly Martinez profiled the Madison, Wisconsin, DSA chapter at The Badger Herald. Colt Shaw did a profile of the Philadelphia DSA chapter at Philadelphia Weekly.

Socialism (and DSA) rising, even here on this campus, observed Tori Falcon at North Texas Daily. There’s no place for secret money in campus elections, according to a YDS statement at The Lantern. (And a “why not?” reply HERE.)

Suddenly everyone is into roses, observed Jeff Ihaza at The Outline, giving DSA two paragraphs in an article not about politics.

Nick Margetis used DSA as part of an argument for national health insurance at JTNN Online. Rochester DSA was interviewed by Evan Dawson in connection with national health insurance at WXXI’s “Connections”.

YDS member Michael Curry was quoted by Maddie Biertempfel regarding grad student unionization at Penn State at The Daily Collegian. Telon Delany’s account of an anti-prison labor demonstration included a quote from YDS’ David Karayof at Iowa State Daily. This article got excerpted by a number of conservative campus-oriented publications: Awww, those pretty little snowflakes.

Stephanie Yuvienco covered a Stony Brook Muslim Student Association’s interfaith Jummah prayer and quoted YDS’ Stephen Hanna at The Statesman. YDS got quoted in an open letter by Ariana Quennan re: diversity to Hofstra’s Stuart Rabinowitz at The Hofstra Chronicle. Sanders was too easy on bigotry among Trump supporters, opined Anthony Rogers-Wright, citing DSA as a model at Medium.

YDS was mentioned in passing in a report on student government by Jessica Macey at The Scarlet.

Marc Torrence at Patch noted DSA as one of the organizers of a march against the Bedford-Union Armory deal in Brooklyn.

DSA was used as an identifier in a column by Tom Broderick denouncing the Trump budget at Wednesday Journal.

Lisa Hagen mentioned DSA among the organizers of the second People’s Summit at The Hill.

Francis Flisiuk included extensive quotes from DSA members in coverage of an anti-Gorsuch demonstration at The Portland Phoenix.

William Turton did the whole “organizer thing” on Daniel Hanley, including DSA buttons, at Gizmodo. DSA got a mention in Reeves Wiedeman’s profile of Brace Belden at New York Magazine. DSA was mentioned in passing in Jennifer Swann’s interview with Moshe Kasher at LA Weekly.

The Democratic Party needs to fix itself or else it’s DSA, opined Julianna Siemssen at The Tacoma Ledger. DSA Green Party candidate for NYC City Council Jabari Bisport was interviewed by Emma Whitford at Gothamist.

Lyle Jeremy Rubin mentioned DSA in an article about veterans, war and politics at New Labor Forum.

Greg Afinogenov mentioned DSA in a review of Peter Frase’s Four Futures and Wolfgang Streeck’s How Will Capitalism End? at N+1.


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